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DVD X Player Pro 5.5 Review

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PROS / It has no region restrictions.

CONS / It has limited compatibility with video formats and operating systems.

 VERDICT / Despite some limitations with compatibility, it runs easily and well on Windows operating systems and has a large selection of features.

The DVD X Player is a good option for playing videos on your laptop. You can tweak the audio and video settings for viewing optimization and even upscale standard-definition videos to HD. While it has limited compatibility, it has many other features to give you just the right viewing experience.

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If you use Windows 7 or 8, then this movie player software will work on your computer, though it doesn't have touchscreen interface compatibility. It is not available for Windows 10 or Mac OS X. The player does let you enjoy a variety of digital video formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV and MOV. While you can watch standard and rewritable DVDs, it is unable to play Blu-rays.

  1. Whether the software works with a variety of formats, without excessive CPU usage.
    Higher is better.
  2. 4 DVD X Player
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Though it isn't the most visually-attractive program on our lineup, this DVD player software works well and has no issues with playback. The interface is intuitive to navigate and easy to use. It requires the least amount of CPU usage of any software on our lineup, averaging just 3 percent with the player running full screen. It took only 18 seconds for the disc to load and play once we placed it in the drive.

For a premier movie experience, you can convert standard-definition videos into high-definition ones with the player. To go along with your new HD flick, you can enjoy the software's built-in Dolby and DTS audio support, giving you a high-quality movie-viewing experience all around. It also has lossless audio playback, so you can use headphones or an HDMI cable without dealing with audio degradation.

If you can't watch a full movie in one sitting, the player remembers where you leave off, letting you resume watching from there so you don't have to waste time trying to find where you were. It also has a built-in playback smoothing option to eliminate lag and buffering.

The player has no region restrictions or limitations, making it the best software on our lineup for frequently watching video discs from around the world. Watching foreign films is easy with this player, as you can toggle subtitles on or off quickly. The AB repeat function lets you loop video, and you can digitally zoom in on important details. The power manager conserves your laptop battery while you watch, and you can stretch the picture to differing aspect ratios as desired.

The software developer has many ways for you to get answers to questions you have about the player, including by emailing its support team. You can also check out the product tutorials or knowledgebase on its website.


You can enjoy a large variety of customization options and picture optimization with the DVD X Player software, and it can upscale standard-definition video to HD to give you the crispest picture possible. It lacks a bit in operating system and video format compatibility, but it offers great customer service and an intuitive interface to help you get the most out of your movie marathons.

DVD X Player Pro 5.5 Visit Site