Electrohome Projection EAAC601 review

The Electrohome Projection EAAC601 is more than just an alarm clock – it doubles as a radio, speaker, calendar and thermometer.

Electrohome Projection EAAC601 review

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The Electrohome Projection alarm clock has an impressive set of customizable features that adjust to fit your sleeping habits.


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    This alarm clock projects the current time and indoor temperature on a wall or ceiling.


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    The setup process is lengthy and involved.

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The Electrohome Projection EAAC601 is more than just an alarm – it doubles as a radio, speaker, calendar and thermometer. It’s missing some convenience features, like an adjustable snooze time and power failure alarm, and it doesn't have a sunrise function as found on the best sunrise alarm clocks, but it’s customizable and displays valuable information to prepare you for the day.

This is one of three alarm clocks we tested, including the Mpow and Oregon Scientific, that project the time onto a wall or your bedroom ceiling. This feature is particularly useful if you often wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what time it is. The projection feature is a distraction for light sleepers, so there is an on/off button on the back if it disrupts your sleep.

We tested each alarm clock’s maximum volume by playing its loudest tone placing a decibel meter two feet from the speaker for measurements. The Electrohome’s radio alarm is slightly quieter than its buzzer, which we measured at 73.4 dB. That is average for our test group and about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. This clock has a progressive alarm that starts out at whisper level and gets progressively louder until it reaches its maximum volume.

A lithium button cell backup battery saves your alarm and clock settings during power outages. However, it doesn’t power the alarm. The Electrohome Projection can’t wake you up when the power is out. Keep that in mind if you live in an area with frequent power disruptions.

This alarm clock has the largest display of the models we tested, and it shows the current time, indoor temperature, date and day of the week. Because of its size, the Electrohome Projection clock and its adjustable backlight is a good fit for those with slight visual impairments.

The Electrohome Projection alarm clock has dual alarms, which is great for couples who wake up at different times. You can also set alarm times for each day of the week, or just different times for weekends and weekdays. This is the only alarm clock we tested with this level of customization. Day-specific alarm settings work with the dual alarm feature if you want to wake up to the radio on the weekdays and buzzer on the weekends or vice versa.


The Electrohome Projection has the most comprehensive customization options of all the alarm clocks we tested. The weekend and weekday alarm settings are a helpful feature, and the large display gets you ready for the day with a plethora of info.

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