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Oregon Scientific RM313PNFA review

The Oregon Scientific RM313PNFA displays the time, date and temperature on its screen.

Our Verdict

This Oregon Scientific alarm clock is missing some important features, but it is compact and easy to travel with.


  • This alarm clock automatically syncs to an atomic clock.


  • You can’t adjust the screen’s brightness.

The Oregon Scientific RM313PNFA displays the time, date and temperature on its screen. Because it syncs with an atomic clock, it always displays the correct time, and you don’t have to adjust it for Daylight Saving Time. Unlike the best sunrise alarm clocks, there's no sunrise wake up function here. 

It does have a projector that displays the time on a wall or the ceiling in your bedroom though, so you don’t have to roll over to look at the clock when you wake up in the middle of the night.

This clock has a battery backup feature that uses two AA batteries to maintain the correct time and alarm settings during a power outage. However, the alarm doesn’t sound when the clock is running on its backup batteries.

It only has one alarm tone: a buzzer. It’s a progressive buzzer that starts out quiet and slowly builds to a maximum volume of 59.2 dB, which is about as loud as a normal conversation. We tested the maximum volume with a decibel meter placed two feet away from the clock. If you have a hard time waking to quiet tones, we recommend placing it close to your bed. However, keep in mind that the screen brightness is not adjustable, so it may disrupt your sleep if it’s too close. The Electrohome Projection alarm clock has adjustable display brightness and a much louder alarm, but it’s too bulky to travel with.

This Oregon Scientific model’s compact design makes it a good alarm clock for someone who travels. You can wake up to the same tone every morning, no matter where you are, without rummaging around to find the right buttons on an unfamiliar alarm clock.


The Oregon Scientific RM313PNFA projects the time onto the ceiling, making it easy to see when you wake up in the middle of the night. The clock’s display also shows the date, and indoor temperature. While it only has basic features, the RM313PNFA is compact, durable and easy-to-use, which make it a good option for travel.

Billy Bommer

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