Travelwey Home LED Clock review

The Travelwey Home alarm clock is a no-frills and affordable option to wake even the deepest sleeper.

Travelwey Home LED Clock review

Early Verdict

The Travelwey alarm clock is simple to use and very affordable.


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    The alarm buzzer is loud.


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    It doesn’t have a radio alarm.

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The Travelwey Home LED Clock is a no-frills and affordable option to wake even the deepest sleeper, especially if the sunrise function on the best sunrise alarm clocks proves too gentle to rouse you. There are only three buttons on the back panel that control the display dimmer, alarm volume and an alarm on/off button. It only has one alarm tone, but its traditional alarm buzzer is one of the loudest we tested. 

The highest volume setting maxed out at almost 82 dB, which is about as loud as a blender. We measured the volume from two-feet away, and lowest volume setting was still over 60 dB, which is as loud as a normal conversation and louder than the loudest setting on the Timex XBBU. If you prefer to wake up to a progressive buzzer or nature sounds, you should consider a different alarm clock.

The large snooze button on the top panel doubles as a nightlight. If you press the button before or after the alarm goes off, a soft white light emanates from the opaque plastic button. While in alarm mode, the snooze button turns the alarm off continuously for nine minutes at a time until you toggle the alarm button on the back panel. The Travelwey uses two AAA batteries to save the alarm and time settings. The battery operation also allows the alarm to function during a power outage, but it doesn’t display the time without power from a wall socket.

This alarm clock has a variable display dimmer that allows you to adjust the brightness incrementally. The high setting shows the current time in large red numbers and is easy to read from across the room. You adjust the brightness by sliding the switch until it hits the low setting that turns the display completely off, which is useful for those that like the bedroom to be completely dark. The Travelwey alarm clock has a power cord that’s permanently attached to the back panel, so tuck it away behind a nightstand to prevent a trip hazard.

The Travelwey Home LED Clock is simple to use and has a loud buzzer alarm. It’s missing the alarm options and display features of the best we tested, but normal for a device less than $20. This is a great option for a no-frills, workhorse alarm that wakes deep sleepers.

Billy Bommer

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