Amazon announces Smart Air Quality Monitor

Amazon Air Quality Monitor
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Amazon has announced the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor in a bid to improve the air quality of people's homes. 

The device is a full-featured air quality monitor which measures the presence of indoor allergens and toxins giving you the necessary information to work on improving air quality at home. It measures particulate matter like dust, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide – and it monitors things like temperature and humidity, too. Measuring the air quality in your home can be tricky so Amazon is keen to simplify the process.

That's even more apparent by its full integration with Alexa. When your air quality is poor, you'll receive an alert via the Alexa app or hear an announcement from an Echo device. That's your cue to open a window or switch on a fan. It's also possible to ask all Alexa-enabled devices in your home what the air quality is as well as receive deep insights into trends via an Echo Show or the Alexa app. 

Such information will be provided in graph form so you can see exactly what's going on at home and over an extended period of time. It's all indicated via a color-coded LED so no prior knowledge is required to understand how it works. 

Air monitors versus purifiers

Coway AP1512HH

(Image credit: Coway)

Generally, making small adjustments at home can make a huge difference to air quality. These can be as simple as opening windows while cooking or venting rooms frequently. But owning one of the best air purifiers can also help a lot. These handy machines – like the Coway model, show above – come in all shapes and sizes and reduce irritants and pollutants in the home. 

At the moment, Amazon is only presenting an air monitor to the market, rather than a purifier, but this could be the first step towards making an air filtering machine.  For now, preorders of the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor are priced at $69 – although it won't begin shipping until December. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to buy one of the best mold test kits to check how your air quality is progressing at the moment.

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