Levoit H132 review: a compact air purifier that traps tiny particles with ease

The Levoit H132, a compact and affordable air purifier, may be most beneficial for homes with small—to medium-sized rooms.

Levoit H132 being tested in writer's home
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

It may lack the wow factor of more expensive air purifiers, but the Levoit H132 is an affordable air purifier that works well in smaller rooms.


  • +

    Reasonably priced

  • +

    Dimmable night light

  • +

    Quiet during operation


  • -

    Underwhelming performance

  • -

    Lacks wow factor in the design

  • -

    Limited functionality

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Our Levoit H132 review looks closer at this compact air purifier, from how it performed in our at-home tests to examining some of the features that go into this affordable device. 

Levoit H132: Key specs

Dimensions: H 12.6 inches, D 20 inches

Weight: 6.5 lbs

Filters: True HEPA H13 filter

Max noise: 50 decibels

Max power use: 28 Watts

Coverage (sq feet): 129 sq feet

Modes: 3 fan speeds

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Energy Star Certified: No 

Our Levoit H132 review looks closer at this compact air purifier, from how it performed in our at-home tests to examining some of the features that go into this affordable device. 

Like bigger air purifiers from Levoit, such as the 400S, the Levoit H132 features a True HEPA 3-stage filtration system to purify your home’s air. This means it should be able to trap 99.97% of tiny particles, such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and tobacco smoke. Our at-home evaluation put this claim to the test with a series of trials, and you can read on for the results. 

The Levoit H132 also has a range of features that make it a good choice as an entry-level air purifier. It’s small, light, and easy to move around the home. Unlike some of the bigger air purifiers we tested, it's remarkably quiet during operation, and it comes with a dimmable night light feature. So, it may be a good choice for kids’ bedrooms or nurseries. 

And because the Levoit H132 only uses a high-efficiency particulate air filter, it doesn’t create harmful ozone in your home. The EPA warns that high ozone levels can increase the risk of lung damage and respiratory diseases. 

Levoit H132: Price & availability

  • $89.99 / £79.99 
  • 2-year limited warranty 

The affordable price of the Levoit H132 puts it towards the cheaper end of the market for air purifiers. It’s less than half the price of the larger Levoit 400S, so it’s pretty good value for money. 

The Levoit H132 also comes with free shipping, a 2-year limited warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if unsatisfied. 

Levoit H132: Setup

Levoit products are known for their ease of set-up and operation, and the H132 is no different. Simply remove the filter from the device and remove the plastic wrap, then refit and switch on the air purifier.

Unlike more expensive air purifiers, there’s no Smart app to connect to to check air particle data or schedule daily use. But it’s easy to use straight out of the box with a glance at the accompanying manual. 

A series of icons at the top of the air purifier controls all its features and functionality. The power icon switches the device on and off, the fan icon allows you to toggle between 3 fan speeds, and the lightbulb icon sets the nightlight to one of two settings or off. The filter icon lights up when your air purifier’s filter needs to be swapped out for a new one. The manual says filters must be replaced every 6 - 8 months.

Because of its limited range of 129 square feet, the Levoit H132 is best used in a home with small—to medium-sized rooms. It may struggle to perform in larger spaces. 

At 6.5 lbs and just 20 inches in diameter, the Levoit H132 can be placed on a shelf or desktop quite easily. The cord's 6 feet of length allows enough leeway for most positions. 

Levoit H132: Design

The Levoit H132 is a decent-looking air purifier, but it’s unlikely to win any design awards. Probably the most striking feature is the grooved indentations that encircle the base of the purifier, which is a nice touch. The fan wheel at the top of the purifier is also an interesting feature and looks good when the nightlight is in operation.  

Overall, though, the Levoit H132 has a shiny plastic look. It lacks the sophisticated matt sheen of the Levoit 400S or even the simple but effortless design of the Koios EPI810, which comes in at around half the price. However, the neutral white and black colorway and compact size can blend seamlessly into any room. So, if you don’t want your air purifier to be a talking point, you can simply stow it away on a shelf or side table.

Levoit H132 being tested in writer's home

(Image credit: Future)

Levoit H132: Performance

  • Nightlight feature 
  • Memory function remembers previous setting 
  • Disappointing performance 

We liked the dimmable night light feature that comes with the Levoit H132. The two settings make it an ideal air purifier for a child’s room. And the lowest fan speed, at just 25 decibels, is quiet enough to run all night without disturbing sleep.

The Levoit H132 also comes with a handy memory function, allowing the unit to power up to its last fan and nightlight settings. And, of course, knowing when your filter needs changing is handy with the ‘Check filter’ function. 

However, regarding performance, we were disappointed by the Levoit H132. Expecting a similar quality to its stablemate, the Levoit 400S, we were left wanting more during our at-home tests.

Using three separate trials - a match test, incense test, and ambient air quality test, we put the Levoit H132 through its paces, checking air particles before and after operation. Throughout all our trials, we ran the air purifier at its highest setting (fan speed 3), which came in at about 50 decibels. That’s around the same volume as an average suburban home. 

During our ambient air quality test, the Levoit H132 struggled to absorb more than 76% of particles smaller than 2.5 microns, although it did absorb 100% of larger particles measuring 10 microns. 

Levoit H132 being tested in writer's home

(Image credit: Future)

Our match smoke test evaluated how well the air purifier absorbed harmful particles released by burning matches. Again, the Levoit struggled, absorbing just 68% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns and 69% of particles measuring smaller than 2.5 microns. It even struggled with particles measuring smaller than 10 microns, absorbing just 66% this time.

However, our incense smoke test had much better results. The Levoit H132 managed to absorb an impressive 96% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns, 87% smaller than 2.5 microns, and 98% smaller than 10 microns.

Although our tests were limited, and running the purifier for longer may yield better results, it’s safe to say that the Levoit H132 did not meet our expectations, falling some way below many of the other air purifiers we trialed using the same tests.

Levoit H132: User reviews

On Walmart, the Levoit H132 scores a respectable 4.7 stars out of 5. Negative reviews are hard to find, apart from one customer whose unit started making clicking noises after a few months of use and another who found the air purifier too noisy.

Most reviews are positive on Walmart and the Levoit website, with users praising the Levoit H132 for being “super quiet,” effective at purifying air and removing bad odors, and easy to use. Many customers say their pollen or dust allergies improved soon after purchase, too, with one going so far as to say, “If you have allergies, this will save your life.” 

Should you buy the Levoit H132?

If you’re looking for an affordable, compact air purifier that runs quietly, then the Levoit H132 could be right for you, but make sure you don’t use it in rooms that exceed its range.  

How does the Levoit H132 compare?

If you’re looking for an air purifier smaller than the Levoit H132, the KOIOS EPI810 is just 7.5 inches high and 6.9 inches in diameter.

For a Levoit air purifier that packs a punch, take a look at the Levoit 400S performance-wise. It performed much better in our at-home tests and has a larger square foot coverage. 

For people who want the wow factor from their air purifier, the Dyson Purifier Cool may be worth checking out. Super stylish but with a hefty price tag, it’s certain to be a talking point in any home. 

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