Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace review

Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace doubles as a large TV console

Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console
(Image: © Walmart)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

A good buy if you’re looking for a sturdy, built-to-last fireplace with realistic flame effect and plenty of storage for your WiFi router, consoles and DVDs.


  • +

    Heats quickly

  • +

    Great for storage

  • +

    Realistic flames


  • -

    Requires two-person assembly

  • -

    Only one temperature setting

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If you need a new electric fireplace, you've come to the right place. We've researched the latest electric fireplaces, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best electric fireplaces around. Here's everything you need to know about the Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace.

Ameriwood Home Carson: What is it?


(Image credit: Walmart)

A modern, sleek TV and console unit with a realistic electric fire that has dual control, so you can use it with or without heat. Its LED flame effects are way more realistic than on other models, and it has plenty of storage space for DVDs, consoles and your WiFi router. It’s sturdy, too, so it’ll hold a large television without any problem. All in all, the Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace is a great all-rounder for your living room.

Ameriwood Home Carson: Price

The Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace is currently on sale at Jet at $312.27, and is also available at Walmart for $298.59, so it’s a good mid-budget buy but do shop around, as prices vary. There are more expensive models on the market, but this one hits the right spot on design, function and price.

Ameriwood Home Carson: Features

The two-tone cherry and black Ameriwood is fitted with built-in reflectors that use a patented technology to create a realistic flame effect. With the Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace you can also use the flame effect without having to turn on the heat, so it will add a cozy ambiance to your living room even during the warmer months.

Long-lasting LED bulbs mean it’s economical, too, giving off an impressive 50,000 hours of use. If you want that breaking down, it means it’ll give you over 2000 days, just over 68 months or over five years of life before having to change the bulbs. That’s really impressive when you consider that you probably won’t use it every day, so you’re looking at a really worthwhile, long-term investment with this model.

Key specs

Material: Wood composite
Warranty: 1 Year
Thermostat: No
Heat Settings: 1
Remote control: No
Dimensions: 63.07 x 17.60 x 24.29 inches

There’s no need to worry that the fireplace will warm everything in the console, either – the fireplace is cool to the touch so you can store anything in the console itself.

The unit holds a maximum TV weight of 135lbs, so be sure to check the weight of your TV before ordering. Some users say they wouldn’t put anything bigger than a 60-inch television on it, not just due to the weight of a 60-inch TV but also due to the overall size taking up too much space on the console.

Ameriwood Home Carson: Performance

This model heats quickly and effectively, but it does only have one temperature setting, whereas most models of electric fireplace have two settings. There’s no remote control either, which is a shame for a model at this end of the price bracket, so it means getting up and switching it on and off. It does give off fast, effective heat while remaining cool to the touch, though, so that’s a great plus point if you have little hands (or paws) that like to explore.

The Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace warms rooms up to 400 square feet, so it works perfectly in large spaces such as a den or basement, taking the chill off the room quickly and adequately heating a large living room.

Ameriwood Home Carson: User Reviews

Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console

(Image credit: Walmart)

This model scores 88 reviews at 4.5 stars on Jet, with an impressive 95% of customers recommending this model.

The majority of users cite the fact that there’s only one temperature setting as a downside. However, they do say that the Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace heats their space very quickly, and that even in large rooms the heat output is impressive.

Users also like the realistic flames, with some saying they like to have the fire on without the heat, just to enjoy how it looks. Nobody has said that the flames distract from what they’re watching on television, either.

With plenty of storage space for consoles, DVDs and TV boxes, it scores a big thumbs-up. The one thing consistent in reviews concerns the assembly of this model. Not only does it require two-person assembly, the wood is extremely heavy and awkward to manoeuvre, and the instructions direct you to actually assemble the unit upside down. This means you’ll need two pairs of very strong hands to turn the unit over once you’ve finished. Users also suggest assembling the unit on a sheet or carpet, as the surfaces might pick up scratches if it’s assembled on a hard surface such as a concrete floor.

Should you buy the Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace?

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, timeless design that not only heats your room but makes it look tidy, then what’s not to like? It’s a sturdy, good-looking model that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Alternatives to the Ameriwood Home Carson electric fireplace

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