Amtifo FHD Backup System review

The Amtifo FHD Backup System is our top backup camera choice for campers, RVs and longer vehicles.

Amtifo FHD Backup System
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The Amtifo FHD Backup System is designed with longer vehicles in mind, making it the perfect backup camera choice if you own a camper or RV.


  • +

    Suitable for long vehicles up to 80 ft

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    HD quality images

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    Can view 4 cameras at once


  • -

    Need to buy additional cameras separately

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The Amtifo FHD Backup System can provide all the maneuver assistance you need when driving a larger vehicle, such as an RV or camper. In fact, the potential 984 ft range that this backup camera can deliver if there's no interference could also see the Amtifo FHD Backup System stake a claim to be the best backup camera for navigating around the perimeter of some trucks as well.

Amtifo has obviously measured such things carefully, and says the backup camera will work reliably on vehicles up to 80 ft in length, and that the driving observation it also provides will work at high speed for vehicles up to 56 ft long. That makes the Amtifo FHD Backup System perfect for motorhomes, trailers, fifth wheels and more.  

Amtifo FHD Backup System review: Set up

Given the size of vehicle that the Amtifo FHD Backup System can cater to, it's a small mercy that there's no need to run cable between the monitor and backup camera. Some wiring work will be required to get a power supply to the cameras - this might mean tapping into the reverse lights or maybe the running lights if you have a camper van. The camera itself comes attached to a sturdy bracket that can be adjusted at any angle to make installation as easy as possible. 

Power to the monitor comes simply from your in-vehicle cigarette lighter. And there are two different ways to attach the monitor to the dashboard: a fan-shaped base that's fastened with 3M tape, or a screw-in bracket. What this does mean is that your monitor is always in place - maybe a third option, in the form of a suction cup, might have been better for those who'd prefer to remove their monitor if the camera isn't going to be used. 

Amtifo FHD Backup System review: Camera

The Amtifo FHD Backup camera is built to last and comes surrounded with an all-metal casing. The IP69 rating means its completely waterproof and resistant to both high and low temperatures, ensuring that the weather will never compromise its performance.

As to what it sees, the 1080p camera has a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees, the image quality is HD, and it's constructed in such a way that you should always see a clear picture at any angle without any reflection or blurring. The lens is surrounded by 16 LED lights that automatically come to life when needed to provide infra-red night vision, so that you'll never be completely in the dark. 

While you get just the one camera to begin with, the backup system can handle four in total, providing the option for complete coverage of your vehicle or vehicles. 

Amtifo FHD Backup System

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Amtifo FHD Backup System review: Monitor

The seven inch HD monitor that completes the Amtifo FHD Backup System is super clear and keeps any distortion to a minimum. As just mentioned, the system can handle up to four cameras, and images from each of them can be shown simultaneously on the screen if you so wish. 

The pictures that you see can also be effortlessly flipped between mirror (rear view) and facing (front view), and even turned upside down if you want. For additional assistance when reversing, the backup lines can be easily turned on and off as required. The monitor is also where you'll find the SD card allowing you to record videos from all of the cameras if you want to chronicle your journey or in case of an accident. 

Should you buy the Amtifo FHD Backup System?

Whether you have a camper, RV or something even larger, the Amtifo FHD Backup System is ideal for helping out with backing up maneuvers that are made all the more difficult in a longer vehicle. The camera is strong, reliable, and super clear in all weathers, and with 16 LED lights can illuminate the darkest of corners. Similarly, the image quality on the HD monitor is excellent, and there's all the viewing options and settings that you'd expect of a top end backup camera. Invest in more cameras, and you'll be able to keep an eye on up to four of them on the one monitor as well. 

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