An updated iMac Pro 27-inch could be out in early 2022

iMac Pro
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Rumors suggest that the Apple iMac Pro 27-inch could be on its way, arriving as early as 2022. 

That's according to a leak via well-known Apple leaker Dylandkt on Twitter. He suggests that the new all-in-one machine from Apple will have a 27-inch mini-LED display with ProMotion technology. In addition, its base model will offer 16GB of RAM plus 512GB of storage. It will also use Apple's latest M1 Pro and M1 Max processor depending on the model chosen. Just what you want from one of the best home computers, right? 

While the unconfirmed leak is exactly that – a leak – it seems fairly plausible. It mentions that the machine will have a similar design to the existing M1-powered iMac 24-inch so it's nothing too outlandish. Dylandkt also suggests that the price will start from $2,000. 

Such news ties in well with display analyst Ross Young's tweets last month that suggested similar news. While there's no guarantee of it being the case, both leakers are generally fairly reliable so it seems like something that could happen in the near future. 

Current iMac lineup

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An iMac Pro to dazzle

The leak emerges just as we also realize that Apple has quietly discontinued the Intel-based 21-inch iMac. With no fanfare to speak of, it turns out the machine hasn't been available since October 29th. That's no great loss as all that was left of it was a lone dual-core model for $1,099 hidden away on the Apple site but it does suggest that Apple may be moving forward with sprucing up its iMac plans. 

So, what do you do? Hold on to making any new iMac purchases until we know more. The suggestion is that a new iMac Pro could launch in early 2022. If Apple's recent unveiling of the new MacBook Pro is anything to go by, an iMac upgrade could be rather substantial with a considerable speed boost seeming highly likely alongside a better display. 

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