AT&T internet review

AT&T internet is one of the most reliable and wide spanning internet service providers in the US right now

AT&T internet review
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One of the oldest, most reliable and widely spanning network names in the US, AT&T internet offers lots of options to suit most needs, including high-speeds and wireless connections.


  • +

    Great customer service

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    Well priced fiber plans

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    TV bundles options


  • -

    Limited availability

  • -

    DSL can be slow

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AT&T internet is one of best internet providers in the US right now thanks to a combination of high-speed fiber connections, decent pricing and bundle options.

AT&T internet is probably less well known than the company's cell phone offerings but it still comes from the company experienced in this area. As such you can expect to get a reliable service, something some internet options leave you more at risk with. So if a constant connection is what you need this is a great option.

There are both DSL and fiber connections meaning there are speeds and prices to suit most needs. But coverage isn't nationwide, across 21 states, so you'll need to be living in a connected area to be eligible.

AT&T internet: Plans and pricing

AT&T internet has plenty of pricing plans to suit lots of different needs. These range from less fast DSL internet connections to high-speed Gbps fiber internet. What you go for depends not only on what you can afford but also what's available in your area.

Fiber options break down into 300Mbps from $35 per month for 12 months, plus taxes and fees, 500Mbps at $45 per month plus taxes and fees for 12 months, and 940Mbps for $60 per month plus taxes and fees for 12 months.

DSL internet options, all at 12 month plans plus taxes, equipment fees fall into five options: 10Mbps, 18Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps. They're all the same $45 price per month and you'll get the fastest speed available in your area.

The basic AT&T internet plans are the same $45 pricing but offer 0.8Mbps, 1.5Mbps and 5Mbps, depending on your location.

There are lots of bundle options which also represent savings. Go for the $115 per month AT&T Internet and Entertainment package and you get DSL internet up to 100Mbps depending on your area, plus ESPN, TNT, HGTV and Nickelodeon to name a few, plus the 40,000 on-demand titles. 

Step that up to $130 and you get more channels plus HBO Max for a year. Or go top end at $140 per year and you get all that plus more channels.

AT&T internet: Features

For areas where AT&T wired line internet is not available there is the option to go for a fixed wireless internet connection. This uses the company's wide spanning phone network infrastructure to transmit high-speed data to your home. There's still a router receiving this and sending out WiFi so from anyone's perspective at home, how that internet got to the router won't be distinguishable.

This offers speeds of around 25Mbps and a minimum of 10Mbps but you are limited by data with a 350GB per month cap on that type of plan. This also varies based on location while the price remains the same at $70 per month plus taxes.

One perk of being with AT&T internet is that you also get access to its nationwide WiFi hotspots. That means you can stay connected on whatever device you have with you. Ideal for smartphones where you don't want to use up your data allowance when out of the home.

AT&T internet review

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AT&T internet: Speeds and performance

When it comes to the AT&T top end fiber internet option it is very fast indeed. In fact the Netflix ISP rating found it to be in the second fastest group of providers nationwide at overall fourth place.

The DSL internet provision, by comparison, was a little further down the list at eleventh place, but that wasn't much slower.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 80% of AT&T internet customer receive 95% or more of internet speeds that were advertised. While AT&T itself claims that is has a reliability rate of more than 99% for its fiber internet service, even during peak times. 

AT&T internet: Customer reviews

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which is based on ratings on surveys from 300,000 consumers, AT&T has the second highest score for customer satisfaction. 

Consumer Affairs rates AT&T internet at just under four stars from 2,331 ratings submitted in the last year. Kathy of Fort Worth, Texas, said: "I have the AT&T bundle with internet and Direct TV. The package was their minimum speed and channel selection offer. The internet does drop out especially when playing games. The TV is OK."

Should you choose AT&T internet?

AT&T internet is a good option for anyone looking to make a saving from the top-end competition while still keeping with a large company that offers stability and support. Since a lot of the performance speed depends on where you are, it may be that the fixed price doesn't work out so great for the speed you get, making it worthwhile shopping around.

But if the price isn't the issue and staying online reliably is your priority then AT&T internet is a great option. While it can't top Comcast Xfinity for plans and speeds, it's still a real good option.

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