Auto-Vox V5 Pro review

The Auto-Vox V5 Pro is an outstanding backup camera and dash cam all in one.

Auto Vox V5 Pro
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If you want eyes everywhere, the Auto-Vox V5 Pro is what you need. The 150 degree view and 1080P footage means there's no excuse for hitting something when you reverse, and there's a dash cam, video recording and GPS tracking too.


  • +

    Wide 150 degree rearview angle

  • +

    Space-saving design

  • +

    Dash cam and video recording


  • -

    Need to buy SD card separately

  • -

    Expensive if only want backup camera

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The Auto-Vox V5 Pro beats all-comers if you're searching for the best backup camera that can look forward as well as behind. That's because the Auto-Vox  V5 Pro is essentially a backup camera and a dash cam all rolled into one, and it's got much more to offer too. 

The V5 Pro blends into your car by replacing your existing rearview mirror, there's GPS tracking, and the cameras set to record if a collision is detected or your car is being broken into. The backup camera by itself is obviously excellent too, but with Auto-Vox having been making all manner of auto electronics for well over a decade, all of its expertise and innovation is on show here. 

Auto-Vox V5 Pro review: Set up

Installing the rearview camera is more straightforward than with most backup cameras, with built-in brackets exactly the right size to be attached using existing license plate screws. If running a wire along your car is not for you, and you don't mind a slight compromise on video quality, then you have the option to fix the camera inside your rear window with special tape too. There's two ways to wire up your V5 Pro as well, meaning you only have to tackle one wire if you're happy simply joining the rear and front cameras. However, if you can, it's definitely worth connecting the second wire to the reverse light, so that you can enjoy the full functionality of the V5 Pro, including an automatic switch in the display when you find reverse. 

Replacing the rearview mirror is a cinch, thanks to the inclusion of four different adapters, which make use of the mounting base that is already in place. If these don't fit, Auto-Vox will provide a custom adapter free of charge. With the front facing attached to the rearview mirror, all that's left to do is to plug it in. As power comes from the fuse box, the V5 Pro can work without the engine being switched on. 

Auto-Vox V5 Pro review: Camera

With a view angle from the rear camera of 150 degrees, the V5 Pro shows a lot more than most backup cameras and eliminates almost all blind spots to make make parking that much easier. As soon as you shift into reverse, the rearview images automatically show with guidelines as well. Both the rear and front cameras record video in 1080p, making for excellent images quality, and there's a night vision mode for when light isn't so good. 

The rear camera features special glass and a sensor that means if someone is following you with high beams, the video images will remain crystal clear. The IP68 rating also means that the camera should remain unaffected by inclement weather conditions. 

Auto Vox V5 Pro

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Auto-Vox V5 Pro review: Monitor

With the V5 Pro taking up residence where your rearview mirror is normally found, the first thing to enjoy with the V5 Pro is the lack of clutter on the dashboard or windshield that it creates. Importantly, the 9.35-inch full screen will give you a field of vision roughly four times greater than with a traditional rearview mirror, and there's no delay in the images that are relayed. 

What you also have is a glare-resistant touchscreen display from which you can control everything, including switch between displays, brightness of the display, and the position of parking lines. Footage that's been recorded can be easily played back as well, though you'll need to buy a separate SD card to store what is filmed.

Should you buy the Auto-Vox V5 Pro?

Anyone looking for a top-of-the-range backup camera that doubles up as a dash cam  will not be disappointed with the Auto-Vox V5 Pro. It's the backup camera that can do it all, while looking great at the same time. The 150 degree angle on the rearview camera makes a mockery of blind spots, while the night vision, sensors and blue light resistant glass means images will always be 100% clear. 

In occupying the spot where your rearview mirror would normally be, the V5 Pro doesn't clutter your car, while Auto-Vox has thought carefully about the various challenges that installation often poses, and provided various options to make this as easy as possible too. It might be a little expensive if all you really want is   a backup camera to help you park, but if you're also looking for a dash cam, and want the protection that comes with recording everything that happens to you when on the road, the Auto-Vox Pro 5 is worth every dollar. 

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