Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit review

Quick and boasting a high degree of accuracy, the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit promises plenty for the price.

Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit review
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The Auvon DS-W is highly rated among existing customers, and has relatively cheap test strips, making it an affordable meter overall. If you want the latest smart diabetes tech, look elsewhere. But if you want a simple to use device that produces fast and reliable results, this is worth considering.


  • +

    Exceeds basic ISO accuracy standards

  • +

    No coding required

  • +

    Simple to use


  • -

    No smartphone compatibility

  • -

    Offers less storage than other meters

  • -

    Single-button design will annoy some people

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The Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit is just one of many products made by the international brand, with Auvon claiming to have served around a million families in the US with its TENS machines, LED motion-sensor night lights and pill organizers. Compared to the devices featured in our guide to the best glucose meters, how does the DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit, its first blood sugar monitor, stack up?

The Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit is priced from $22.99, and requires users to prick their finger tip with a lancing device. The blood is then applied to a test strip, which is inserted into the machine and measured, with the results promptly appearing on the display. While this is one of the more basic blood-sugar testing kits on the market, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as what is essential for any device is accuracy and an easy-to-read screen.

As well as the lancing device, the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit comes with spare lancets and test strips, depending on which bundle you opt for. If you use insulin, you may also want to read our guide to the best Medicare Part D plans to see how coverage could benefit you. For now, let’s take a look at what the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit has to offer.

Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit: Specs

  • RRP: From $22.99
  • Memory: 300 test results
  • Results: 6 seconds
  • Sample size: 0.7 microliters
  • Battery: CR2032

Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit review: An image showing the black meter sat next to blue test strips

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Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit review: Design

On the box the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit is labeled as the 'Blood Glucose Monitoring System' rather than 'Blood Sugar Test Kit' – so don't be alarmed, thinking you've received the wrong product. As mentioned, Auvon only makes one blood sugar meter. 

Like the majority of blood-sugar devices on the market, the Auvon DS-W is shield-shaped, making it easy to fit in the palm and the pocket (plus it comes with a handy drawstring pouch). Some models, such as the Contour Next One, are cigar-shaped, meaning you have to hold them horizontally between your fingers. Both are easy to handle, so it comes down to personal preference. 

Once you've pricked your finger and applied it to the test strip, insert the strip into the top of the device (make sure it’s switched off first). This is different to the Contour Next EZ Glucometer Kit, for example, where the strip is inserted into the bottom of the device, so it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re used to doing it another way. 

The strips contain glucose dehydrogenase (GDH FAD) enzymes rather than the glucose oxidase (GOD) ones that some other test strips use. According to the manufacturer, this helps to avoid interference from blood-oxygen variations, improving accuracy. 

The design of the Auvon DS-W is straightforward, and the device features a button at the front to scroll through the options, and another at the back to select it. The simple large black-and-white display shows your blood-sugar reading in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), along with the date and time – though, with a few button presses, you can also view previous test results along with one-week, two-week and monthly averages (read more in the next section). Some people may find the two-button functionality a bit fiddly, but it gives the device an uncluttered aesthetic.   

Auvon DS-W

(Image credit: Auvon)

Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit review: Features

Being able to take accurate blood sugar readings is incredibly important if you are diabetic, and Auvon claims that the DS-W can function within ±10%, or ±10 mg/dl, of laboratory values over 95% of the time. If this is the case, it means the  Auvon DS-W exceeds ISO 15197:2013 passing standards, which state that a device must fall within ±15%, or ±15 mg/dl. For extra assurance, the Auvon DS-W features No Coding technology, which takes away the threat of accidentally typing in the wrong code and reducing the accuracy of your results.

So that you can monitor your blood-sugar patterns, the DS-W delivers 7-, 14- and 30-day averages, which is pretty much standard. It also stores up to 300 previous test results, which isn't bad, though some glucose meters have a much larger capacity. 

Being a basic device, there's no option to pair it with your smartphone for more in-depth analysis – for this kind of functionality, you might want to consider something like the Dario LC Blood Glucose Management System instead. The Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit also includes an auto-off function that shuts down the device when it's not being used, thus saving battery life.       

Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit review: How could it benefit you?

If you're living with diabetes, a blood-sugar monitor that provides accurate blood-sugar measurements is vital, and the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit is very competent. Thanks to its 300-test storage capacity and ability to provide average results over a set period of time, it's handy if you need to track the progress of your condition. It's also ideal for when you’re on the go, as it delivers test results in 6 seconds. 

When it comes to blood-sugar testing kits, there are plenty of people who aren't keen on pricking their finger to draw blood. Auvon has taken this on board, and the lancing device that comes with the DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit is optimized with three closely junctional tracks to lessen the wound and reduce the sense of pain.          

AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit

Compatible test strips cost from $8.99 for a box of 50 at Auvon's Amazon store. (Image credit: Auvon)

Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit review: User reviews

There are currently over 1,400 ratings for the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit on Amazon, generating an average score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Around 76% of those who rated the device gave it the maximum number of stars.

On Auvon's own website, the DS-W scores 4.1 out of 5 stars. One 5-star review praises the glucometer's simplicity and accuracy, calling it “very easy to use for someone who has never done it before. I tested my level and went to the doctor immediately. Their tester was only one number different.” 

Another maximum rater said of the device: “It's really easy to use and it's pretty cheap. I'm checking my blood-sugar four times a day since I am pregnant, and it seems to be working well.”

Not all of the comments were positive, however, with one user complaining they had inconsistent results with the DS-W: “Twice today I took multiple readings at one sitting and received wildly different readings. Most recently, I took three tests within two minutes and got 78, 108 and 139. I have less than zero confidence in the data now. Just submitted my return.”

Should you buy the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit?

If for medical reasons you need to check your blood-sugar levels in great depth, then the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit might not give you precisely what you need, as its analytic functions are pretty basic. However, if you can cope without advanced data and just want a device that's easy to use, quick, and accurate, then this is a good option. 

Auvon has a good reputation among its existing customers, and for extra peace of mind the kit comes with a 12-month warranty. Overall, the Auvon DS-W Blood Sugar Test Kit is good value for the money, but it’s worth asking your doctor first to see if this is the right meter for your needs.

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