Avast aims to make browsing safer with Avast Secure Browser Pro

Avast aims to make browsing safer with Avast Secure Browser Pro
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Avast has launched a premium version of its privacy-conscious browser - Avast Secure Browser Pro - aiming to make browsing even safer than before.

Avast Secure Browser Pro is a Chromium-based browsers much like many of the other best web browsers out there including Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Where things get more interesting is that it includes an integrated VPN that could potentially save you the need from subscribing to one of the best VPN services already out there. 

The built-in VPN offers access to 30 locations worldwide so it's not as comprehensive as a dedicated VPN but it does cover every continent except for Antarctica. And, of course, it encrypts all inbound and outbound connections as you would expect from a VPN. Avast also promises that there will be no buffering, throttling or encrypted bandwidth limits through the service.

Avast Secure Browser Pro keeps giving

Alongside that, Avast Secure Browser Pro also uses advanced Adblock technology to keep pesky adverts at bay while you're browsing. 

Advanced Adblock is set to Strict Mode as the default option so that all ads and trackers are blocked automatically. It's possible to tweak things to Essential Mode or Balanced Mode which blocks all ads that violate the Acceptable Ads Standard including pop-ups and auto-playing videos. Balanced Mode also blocks other non-intrusive ads to improve the speed of your browsing experience. 

Previously, Avast added a built-in VPN to the premium version of its mobile browser for Android and iOS so this is the next step in the company's plan to make things safer and easier for most users. 

Avast Secure Browser Pro is available for Windows 10, iOS and Android, with a Mac version coming soon. To use it, you'll need to subscribe with a seven day free trial starting you off. Three tiers are available. The monthly subscription is priced at $5.99 per month with a year-long subscription working out at $4.17 per month or two years costing just $2.92 per month. Users are able to have connections for up to five devices through the plans. 

As a way of simplifying your internet security software needs, this could be a good route to go down, saving you time and effort. We've been fans of Avast Antivirus in recent times despite some slowdown issues that should not be a problem here. 

Avast Secure Browser Pro is available now. Install the free version of the browser from https://avast.com/secure-browser and follow the upgrade steps. 

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