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Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review

This Avenlur outdoor heater is a beautiful looking device, designed with color-changing LED lights, making it the perfect heater for patio parties.

Avenlur Outdoor Patio Propane Space heater: image of heater
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Our Verdict

Tough to assemble and a heavy drinker of propane it may be, but there's a lot to be said for the Avenlur Pyramid's attractive styling and clever flame management. If you want a stylish garden feature rather than just a heater, this is a great choice.


  • Excellent styling
  • Color changing LED lights


  • Hard to assemble
  • Uses a lot of propane

The Avenlur Outdoor Patio Propane Space Heater 42000 BTU (also known as the Avenlur Pyramid Heater) is a propane outdoor heater that bucks the style trend. You see, rather than opting for the mushroom-like appearance of many of the best patio heaters, Avenlur has created a stylish, four-sided device to instantly improve the look of your outdoor space.

Available in four finishes, inculding stainless steel, not only does the Aevnlur Pyramid pump out a generous amount of heat, it looks the part too; you can even buy it with integrated LED color changing lights to add a party vibe to your outdoor gathering. If you are dreaming of owning one of the best hot tubs, and would like a powerful yet playful heater to keep you warm before and after using the tub, this is the one to get. 

In our Avenlur Outdoor Patio Propane Space Heater 4200 BTU review, we look at the heater's spec, design and features, and we comb through verified user reviews from existing customers to see what they think of it too. For other ways to dress up your backyard, take a look at our guide to the best solar lights for outdoors. For now, let’s get cozy with the Avenlur Pyramid Outdoor Heater...

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review: Overview

So this is a little different, as outdoor heaters go. The Avenlur Pyramid Heater still burns propane to generate warmth, but does so in a way that's easy on the eye, piping gas up through a glass tube in its center. This means it's more a source of light than a traditional heater, and, for a few extra dollars, you can buy it with color-changing LEDs incorporated into the base. 

What heat it doesn't radiate from the sides should, in theory, be distributed through the vent and reflector on top, giving it a little extra range. The Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid is movable, with wheels attached. That's handy, but the version we're looking at here also includes a cover, making it a viable permanent addition to your yard.

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review: Design

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review: Spec

MSRP: $349-$379

Material: Stainless Steel

Heat source: Propane

Heat output: 42,000 BTU

Heating range: 10 square feet

Height: 7 feet 4 inches

Base dimensions: 29 x 29 inches

Weight: 65lbs

There's not really any argument here: put the Avenlur Pyramid Outdoor Heater next to a standard mushroom-on-a-stalk propane heater and virtually everyone would say this looks better, particularly if both are fired up at the time. There's really no comparison between the rather staid glow of a mantle and this, with its actual flame shooting up a quartz glass tube, bathing everything around it in flickering firelight. This is a win for ambience, and as much a statement piece as outdoor heaters get. For an equally stylish heater, read our Thermo Tiki Deluxe Patio Heater review

Around that tube on all four sides is a wire mesh grille to keep hands away and safe, supported by metal poles leading up to a mantle and small heat reflector on top. Below you'll find space for a 20lb propane bottle (which should give you a good sense of scale here; this is bigger than it might seem) with an access door which also houses the temperature control and pulse ignition button. 

There are four finishes available, which should help the Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater to blend in with your other patio furniture: pick between black, stainless steel, hammered bronze or the slightly more expensive LED version featuring white panels illuminated with your choice of remote controlled RGB glow-up. Looks aren't everything, of course, so let's find out what this offers where it counts.

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review: Features

Avenlur's listings lack a little clarity in terms of the actual rated heat output; depending on where you look on its Amazon entry, you'll see it suggested that this puts out anywhere from 40,000 to 46,000 BTUs. Either end of that number is solid enough to keep you and your friends warm outdoors. 46,000 BTU heaters are perfect for heating bigger patios, as we explain in our Fire Sense Commercial Patio Heater review.

Avenlur estimates that running this heater on high will net you around eight to ten hours heating from a single 20lb propane tank. That's a fairly high fuel usage. Thankfully, there's an adjustable output control, though bear in mind that if you turn down the heat you'll also end up making the flame smaller and less impressive. 

That tube isn’t just for looks - it's a design that should prevent explosion and block the wind, and there's a tip switch built-in to automatically shut off the propane if the unit passes a 45 degree angle. A pulse igniter, powered by a single AAA battery, sets the flame off, and once you're done and you've removed the LPG bottle a set of casters on the base makes for handy moving - particularly important since this Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Heaterweighs in at a solid 65lbs.

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review: How could it benefit you?

A propane heater is a great choice for adding warmth to a patio or outdoor space, and a high BTU output should mean that warmth gets spread reasonably wide. The Avenlur Pyramid has its own charms which make it ideally suited to a number of situations:

●If you're looking for some stylish patio decor as well as something for those cold moments, this fits the bill.

●The version with LED lighting could add a little extra illumination to your tiles even in summer months.

●There's no need to plug in, which is great if your patio isn't connected to your home.

●If you want warmth fast, ignition here is quick and easy, and this should get up to temperature in no time.

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater review: User reviews

For all its promise in terms of looks, reviews suggest the Avenlur Outdoor Patio Propane Space Heater 42000 BTU is a pain to build. An Amazon average of 4.1 out of 5 stars seems reasonable on the surface, but a number of reviews share the same concerns: it’s tough to assemble and the instructions are inadequate. 

That last point could be why some negative reviews say the ignition doesn't work (being a pulse ignition rather than a piezo means it requires a AAA battery, but this isn’t mentioned in the guide) and why some found it so difficult to construct, with a fair amount of ingenuity apparently required to work out which screws hold on the side panels. We're not saying those negative reviews are wrong, but there's a definite correlation in there.

There’s a lot to get excited about here though. Heat output seems reasonable, with a circular reach of around six feet. This does mean you'll likely need two of these unless you want to gather guests around a single heater, but the results are better than many in the propane heater space. Most share our love of the way it looks too.

Should you buy the Avenlur 42000 BTU Pyramid Patio Heater?

If you're looking to beautify your patio, and are prepared to deal with a longer assembly time, we can see no reason not to pick up the Avenlur Pyramid Outdoor Heater, other than perhaps its relatively high price.

It can push out heat, it looks spectacular, it's well suited to a relaxing evening, and it's a sturdy thing which comes bundled with its own cover for times you're not using it. Ignition is straightforward, it's heat adjustable, and you have the option of buying it with integrated LED color-changing lights. 

Just make sure to go into your purchase with your eyes open regarding the assembly, or rope in a family member or friend who loves a good building challenge. For a heater that’s much more simple to build, read our AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater review.