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Veromi Review

When you purchase a background check report, it’s important that it’s both affordable and accurate.

Our Verdict

Veromi’s prices are average, but the information in its background check reports is inaccurate and incomplete.


  • You can purchase reports individually.


  • The information it provides is out of date.
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When you purchase a background check report, it’s important that it’s both affordable and accurate. Unfortunately, Veromi wasn’t exceptional in either area, so we find it hard to recommend.

To compare background check services, we purchased reports for three people and had each person read over their results to ensure accuracy. Ideally, a background check should include phone numbers, emails, addresses and marriage records. Veromi’s reports were some of the worst in these categories, often missing this information altogether. It’s marriage section was especially troubling: It said no marriage records could be found, though all our subjects had been married for several years.

Further, the little information Veromi included wasn’t current – sometimes it was out of date by several years. The only area the service did well in was listing information about criminal history.

A background check from Veromi costs $39.95, which is about average. You don’t have to sign up for a subscription to access your report, unlike at BeenVerified. However, Veromi has a subscription that costs $24.95 a month. It renews automatically, so be sure to cancel if you don’t want to continue using the service. You can purchase a scaled-down report, sometimes called a people search, for $9.95. Another of Veromi’s drawbacks is you can’t download the reports you purchase.

We also had trouble searching for people through Veromi. The three people we searched for have names ranging from very common to uncommon, and the site sometimes displayed a full set of results and other times returned error messages. We were never able to locate one of our people. The site also doesn’t have advanced filters to narrow search results – other services let you narrow results by city and middle name, but Veromi is much more limited. If you’re looking for someone with a very common name, you’re better off using a different service.

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