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Yada Digital 4.3" Monitor Review

The Yada backup camera with dash monitor is a convenient tool that lets you keep track of what’s behind your car when you back up.

Our Verdict

The Yada digital wireless backup camera is our best pick because of its blend of simplicity and practicality.


  • It has all the best backup camera features for a reasonable price.


  • The monitor stand fell a few times while we were testing.
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The Yada backup camera with dash monitor is a convenient tool that lets you keep track of what’s behind your car when you back up. Its easy installation and quality performance balanced with its reasonable price make it a great after-market backup camera for almost any vehicle.


In our tests, the Yada digital wireless camera was very easy to set up. The system includes a camera that wires into your reverse lights and a 4.3-inch monitor, which plugs into your cigarette lighter outlet. The camera and monitor pair wirelessly as soon as they turn on, using a 2.4GHz digital wireless signal that reaches up to 30 feet without interference from other signals such as Bluetooth. In our tests, the Yada was both easy to use and effective. The camera turns on when you put your car into reverse, and its picture is clear.


The camera is mounted on a plate that adheres between your rear license plate and car. You can tilt the camera angle to fit the height of your vehicle. It has a wide field of view, covering a 110-degree area, so you can see directly behind you and also some of the periphery. Below the camera, a light sensor automatically switches the camera to night vision when conditions are too dark to see. Night vision uses your car’s tail lights and infrared LEDs to illuminate the area behind your vehicle. The camera is weatherproof with an IP67 rating, so it can survive torrential rainstorms.


The backup camera comes with a 4.3-inch LCD monitor. A line of five buttons at the top of the monitor offer menu options, turn on parking guidelines, switch displays and power down the monitor. You can attach it to your windshield or dashboard using the included suction cup mount. The mount does a little better on glass than other surfaces, and it did fall a few times during testing, so make sure to stick it to a clean, smooth surface. It plugs into a 12V (cigarette lighter) outlet and powers up when you turn on your vehicle.

The monitor picture is clear, and movement is natural. You can adjust the display brightness, color and contrast to fit your preferences. The screen isn’t HD by any means – if that’s a must, check out the Rear View Safety RVS-770613-HD – but it’s sufficient for backing up purposes.

Overall, the Yada digital wireless backup camera and monitor set is a great product. If you’re looking for a backup camera that’s effective and easy to install, this is the best. Its simple setup and automatic activation make it super convenient to check your rear blind spot when you back up.

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