Backyard patio ideas: How to create a relaxing space for summer

Backyard patio ideas: How to create a relaxing space for summer
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Backyard patio ideas are many and varied. If you’re looking forward to spending more time in your outdoor space this summer but are feeling uninspired with your current setup, there’s no better time for a total refresh than right now. And even though there’s a whole world of inspiration out there, when it comes to how to style your garden and make it more calming and inviting, it can be hard to know precisely where to begin. 

That’s why the best landscape design software offers you a place to collect your thoughts and play around with different features before you start putting your plan into action. But before you dive in, let's take a look at how you can add certain features to make your backyard Relaxation Central.

1. Tap into blissful water therapy

Of course, adding one of the best hot tubs or swim spas is a sure-fire way to elevate the levels of luxury in your garden or yard. Plus, they’re excellent for hydrotherapy purposes, as well as generally increasing your sense of bliss.

With all of us spending more time at home than ever, you want your backyard to be a place you can retreat to and really unwind in. Incorporating a water therapy element is bound will instantly increase your ability to destress and relax, but how can you style your new buy to make it look and feel like you’re getting a proper spa experience?

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2. Use a pergola to create an outdoor spa space

Whilst opting for a tub or spa built into your decking or stonework is a sure way to make the whole landscape look more cohesive, it also makes any work on your garden more expensive. One way of incorporating your new appliance into your garden instead is an outdoor pergola.

These arched structures provides you with shade on sunny days, while separating out the areas of your garden space. Pergolas are great for stringing vines or hanging lights, and enable you to create the look of a stylish outdoor room.

Creating a social and comfortable area around your spa is another way to create a space you want to spend time in. The garden transformation over at Fiddle Leaf Blog shows how adding a DIY bar, barstools and soft furnishings can elevate your entire space. And to provide a full outdoor bar and eatery experience for your friends, consider adding in one of the best gas grills too.

3. Light up the night 

A simple and affordable way to cozy up your outside space is with the best outdoor solar lights, which you can string across your space or structures to create warm and snug vibes. Solar-powered lights are cheap to run and easy to install, meaning that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy how they’ll light up your space. 

You can bring the whole look of your garden together with these lights, either used to string around trees, show up pathways, or create a homey canopy. They even come in the shape of solar-powered lanterns, as well as other novelty designs. 

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4. Add a pop of color

Freshening up your home with color can breathe new life into an outdated look, so why not apply the same practice in your garden? Apartment Therapy featured this gorgeous Australian house above, which shows how pops of color can be added with outdoor decorative pillows or even a snazzy outdoor rug. Bright tones will look great in your garden when the sun is shining, and make your seating areas look super inviting. 

5.  Warm up with a patio heater or a fire pit

The best patio heaters mean that even when there’s a chill in the air, you can still enjoy the lovely outside space you’ve created. They make hosting outdoor dinner parties and birthday parties an altogether warmer occasion and mean you can keep the party going even after the sun goes down. And they don’t always need to take up lots of floor space either. In fact, more space-efficient designs can be mounted to walls or ceilings within your garden.  

Or, you could opt for one of the best fire pits, which are perfect for social gatherings, allowing everyone to stay cozy and toast tasty marshmallows at the same time.

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6. Show your lawn some TLC

You might be forgiven for overlooking your lawn when it comes to exciting new plans for your garden, but a well-kept yard is no doubt the key for all of the other components of your makeover coming together. The summer months mean that mowing the lawn is soon about to become a regular task, so why not invest in one of the best gas lawn mowers or best electric lawn mowers to make it easier. 

Getting a lush green lawn will mean that any additional features, such as a birdbath or a pergola, will have a neat and tidy canvas to perch on. Plus, a lush-looking lawn that's being freshly trimmed looks so much more inviting to any guests lucky enough to spend time in your new stylish outdoor living space.

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