Dimplex PC3010W31 review

The Dimplex PC3010W31 is an innovative baseboard heater that will help heat your home efficiently and reduce energy consumption.

Dimplex PC3010W31 review
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If you’re looking for a baseboard heater that will help you to save money on your energy bills whilst providing fast, reliable heating then the Dimplex PC3010W31 is a good choice.


  • +

    Comes with an inbuilt thermostat

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    Connects with other units to provide heating for whole home


  • -

    It runs hot to touch

  • -

    Needs an electrician to install

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The Dimplex PC3010W31 can ramp up the heat but lower those bills thanks to the built-in thermostat which offers enhanced temperature control to help maintain a consistent room temperature whilst reducing energy consumption. A baseboard heater may be the best way forward to keeping you warm this winter if your existing heating system isn’t doing enough to ward off the cold.

This is one of the best baseboard heaters if you have limited space on offer. It’s up to 42% smaller than conventional baseboard heaters allowing you extra flexibility for where you place your furniture. It also benefits from a contoured design and slim profile allowing it to just blend in with your existing decor. This baseboard heater weighs just 4 lbs and is finished in a coating that is made up of epoxy and polyester so you won’t experience any fading or discoloring of the unit over time. 

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Dimplex PC3010W31: What you need to know

The Dimplex PC3010W31 is a linear proportional convector baseboard heater with an onboard electronic thermostat. The thermostat has a built-in transceiver that can operate wirelessly or with a wall-mounted remote control. At just 30-inches in length, its sleek and compact design makes it an ideal solution for any room. This baseboard heater comes with a one year warranty for the whole unit and a ten warranty for the heating element. 

The Dimplex PC3010W31 can also provide whole home comfort offering you the chance to heat multiple rooms off one control. Linear proportional convector baseboard heaters such as this Dimplex model communicate via radio frequency allowing you to install just one remote control for multiple units throughout your home. You can either set one consistent temperature throughout or save even more energy with zonal heating by setting different temperatures in different rooms. 

Dimplex PC3010W3

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Dimplex PC3010W31: Features

If you’re looking for the best baseboard heater with a thermostat built-in then the Dimplex PC3010W31 can help you to enjoy enhanced temperature control whilst also saving on your electricity consumption. You can opt for a wireless remote control that can control one or more heaters in your home or a simple classic wall plate. Either way the built-in radio frequency transceiver eliminates the need to run wires keeping your space neat and tidy. 

This heater doesn’t heat up and cool down like conventional baseboard heaters, instead, it uses heat proportioning which accurately shares the heat output to create a consistent room temperature. This is thanks to the revolutionary design of shark-fin shaped aluminum elements. These elements are placed in an upright position to create vertical airflow which then speeds up the dispersal of the warm air to the center of the room, creating a consistent room temperature as well as heating up the room quickly.

Due to its sleek and compact design, this is a great baseboard heater for all rooms at home or at work. It has a power rating of 1000 watts and operates on 240 volts. It's 30 inches in length so no matter how small your room, you can be sure it will fit, especially if you have limited wall space. It only comes in the color white but it’s small enough to blend in without being the focal point of the room. 

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Dimplex PC3010W31: User reviews

The majority of the reviews for the Dimplex PC3010W31 were impressed with the power of its heat output and by the auto turn off the feature that not only kept them feeling safe but also made sure the rooms were kept at a consistent and comfortable temperature. 

However, users praised this model for being one of the best baseboard heaters with a thermostat built-in. They were impressed by how accurate the thermostat was and how easy it was to control other rooms in the house with just one remote. 

Some users did express disappointment that the unit itself gets very hot so it’s not recommended for families that could possibly have young children running around. The instructions were also the cause of a lot of negative comments with users claiming that they aren’t helpful when it comes to the installation or running of the units. 

Should you buy Dimplex PC3010W31 baseboard heater?

If you’re lacking wall space, want to reduce your energy costs or you are looking to control the heat in multiple rooms with just one remote then the Dimplex PC3010W31 could fit the bill. This heater does require the assistance of an electrician when installing so it’s worth noting that extra cost before you pop it in your cart. It also can run hot to the touch so it may not be entirely suitable for homes with small children or pets who could accidentally touch it whilst moving around. 

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