Fahrenheat PLF1004 review

The Fahrenheat PLF1004 is a baseboard heater designed to heat a typical bedroom or office location.

Fahrenheat PLF1004 review
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The versatile Fahrenheat PLF1004 caters to a variety of room sizes and heating requirements.


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    Variety of sizes available

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    Overheat protection


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    Not that efficient

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The Fahrenheat PLF1004 is a hard-wired baseboard heater that is suitable for warming up one room. This baseboard heater's wattage output depends on the voltage that powers the device, but overall it achieves a reliable level of heat output.

This heater uses liquid elements to function which means that the baseboard heater will be cool to the touch - making it a great choice for homeowners with young children and pets. 

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Fahrenheat PLF1004: Features

The Fahrenheat PLF1004's one-year manufacturer warranty, combined with a wide range of size options for higher or lower heat outputs, allows this model to work for most homes and offices

This electric baseboard heater has a hydronic heat-transfer tube, which continues to deliver warmth after the unit turns off. It operates at up to 1,000 watts – the equivalent of 3410 BTU, making it an ideal unit for bedrooms but not powerful enough to heat anything larger. 

The Fahrenheat PLF1004 baseboard heater measures 46 inches wide, typical for devices of comparable heat output. However, if you’re in need of a higher output or smaller heater, this model comes with a range of variations that range from 500 watts and 28 inches to 2,000 watts and 94 inches.

With regard to the voltage requirements for wiring this unit, it is compatible with both 240-volt and 208-volt wiring. So whether you’re wiring the baseboard heating device to a single thermostat in the room, or to a thermostat in another room set up for whole-home heat syncing, this device will be compatible. 

When connected to the corresponding 240 or 208 voltage wiring, this will have a definite impact on the heat output of the device. For example, with a 240-volt wire, the heater can achieve 1,000 watts of output, whereas, with the 208-volt wire, it can only achieve up to 750 watts due to the reduced voltage.

Since this is a hydronic heater, the parts aren't exposed to the high levels of heat that electric heaters put out. These lower temperatures can extend the life of the individual parts, which should provide some peace of mind.

The Fahrenheat PLF1004 has a fanless mechanism which means it won't be blowing dust, allergens, or pet hairs around your room. Another handy design feature is the baseboard heater's welded bar grille which doesn't have any entry points. This is useful because it means it's harder to get airflow blockages and there isn't anywhere to insert things that should be there.

Should you buy the Fahrenheat PLF1004?

The Fahrenheat PLF1004 is a hydronic baseboard heater designed with all of the basic features needed to warm a single room. It contains the wiring components necessary for single-room whole-house heating.

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