Bear mattress deals 2024: get a great night's sleep on a great-value mattress

Bear mattress deals
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This guide to shopping the Bear mattress deals will give you all the information you'll need to find a really great mattress, at an equally great price. 

If you feel like hibernating, you’ll be pleased to hear that Bear mattresses currently has plenty of President’s Day deals, mainly a 35% site wide discount, PLUS free sleep accessories with qualifying purchases. So now is an excellent time to shop to score a great mattress deal at a price that won't break the bank. 

President’s Day 2024 this year falls on Monday 19 Feb and is the perfect time to grab one of the best mattress picks on the market right now from this brand, but in order to get the mattress of your dreams, you may need to do a little research first. Bear has different mattress options to suit different budgets, from affordable to luxury, so read on through our tips and shopping advice to help you pin down the right mattress for you.

There's still time before Presidents' Day to find out how to secure the biggest savings on Bear mattresses; this page will tell you when, where and how best to shop in order to save yourself the most time and money. So come back here for other major sales days too, like Black Friday or Labor Day, as we'll have fresh deals and useful info on how to get the best savings possible. 

Bear mattress deals

Where to find the best Bear mattress deals?

As with most things, you can pretty much guarantee that you can find it on Amazon, and it's no different in this case; however, when I looked online, all four mattress options were unavailable to buy, so I'd recommend heading straight to Bear's website, where they're currently holding their awesome 35% off sale sitewide for Presidents' Day.

Plus, Bear's website also has a much wider product range, that includes toppers and sleep accessories like pillows, etc.

Alternatively, you can also find Bear mattresses at Bed Bath and Beyond's website, although once again, this is limited to just five mattress styles and none of the other sleep accessories that you may also want to purchase. You can also find Bear mattresses at Wayfair. 

When to shop to get a good Bear mattress deal?

As with most larger purchases, it's best to wait till major holiday weekends and shopping events to buy a mattress, especially during holidays like Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, or Labor Day, as most retailers will offer bigger discounts and sales during these times as opposed to a 'non-sale' day.

Most retailers hold an annual end-of-year sale after Christmas and New Year that sees reductions on select items in a move to clear remaining stock to make way for the new year's intake. 

Of course, you can wait till prices drop more before you buy, but don't compromise your health or well-being — if your mattress is causing you discomfort, the best time to buy is right now. 

Presidents' Day Bear mattress deals

As mentioned above, Bear runs a great sale for Presidents' Day, because it's not just on mattresses, but on all items sitewide, plus you could get some free sleep accessories with qualifying purchases, but you'll have to hurry to benefit from this as they may stop doing this right after Presidents' Day. 

Are Black Friday Bear mattress deals any good? 

If the Presidents' Day deals they're running are anything to go by, I predict that there will be some amazing discounts later in the year for Black Friday, as this is typically when most sellers offer their most impressive price reductions.

There will probably be some extra nice freebies too, such as free pillows and sleep accessories if you spend over a certain amount. 

Are there good Labor Day Bear mattress deals?

Just like Presidents' Day , Labor Day is another great holiday that's worth waiting for in order to save big on your purchase. Mattresses in particular see very good discounts for Labor Day. 

End of year/after Christmas Bear mattress deals

The end of year deals that come after Christmas and during January sales are great, rivalled only by the Black Friday deals, as this is when most big brands genuinely want you to buy from them, in order to clear out their older stock before the new year begins. So in general, the period from November to January is a pretty good time to buy, as there are plenty of opportunities to grab a Bear mattress at a reduced price. 

Can you get Amazon Prime Day Bear mattress deals?

Bear mattresses are listed on Amazon's website, so as long as they're in stock/available, you should be able to find them during Amazon Prime Day.

But remember! Amazon Prime deals are only available to Amazon Prime members, so make sure you sign up for a membership if you want to benefit from these deals. A savvy tip is to make of note of when Prime Day is, and sign up for the Prime free trial around the same time, so that you can have fun browsing the deals and enjoy free delivery. 

Bear mattress deals: FAQs

Are Bear mattresses any good? 

Bear could be the ideal choice for you if you’re a hot sleeper looking for a cooling mattress to draw away excess body heat during sleep. And thanks to the 100-night trial, you can sleep, lounge and chill upon your new Bear bed to ensure it’s right for your dominant sleep position and your general health needs. The Bear Hybrid and Pro each have a 20-year warranty, while the entry-level Bear has a 10-year warranty. Shipping and returns are free.

So, what do existing customers make of them? Bear mattress reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with the basic model averaging a five star rating from over 9,500 user reviews on the Bear website, and the Pro Hybrid achieving the same from over 2,300 user reviews. The Pro has less reviews, but the same high rating. We’d recommend looking around at other review sites to see what they say too. But overall, it seems that Bear mattresses strike a great balance between price and quality.

How to tell if you've found a good deal?

This sounds silly, but a good deal is one that falls within your budget, especially if it's a product you really want. The cheaper doesn't always mean better, so a good mattress deal will probably only encompass mattresses that had a higher list price to begin with; the cheap mattresses under $200 just aren't worth it, as you can't guarantee the quality of the materials they're made with.

Another tip is to use a browser extension like, because this is a site that can tell you if the price of a particular product is the same, or if it fluctuates, across the different retailer websites that it's listed on, allowing you to find the site that it's cheapest at. 

Is there a Bear mattress discount for military personnel?

Yes, but first you will need to create an account. Once you are verified and registered, you can receive military discount (this is the same for first responders, teachers and healthcare workers too.)

Bear are currently running an exclusive offer for military personnel, of 40% off sitewide, and free sleep accessories with every mattress purchase. Note: This exclusive Military discount cannot be combined with any other promotional codes, or applied to gift card purchases.

What is Bear's White Glove Delivery service?

Bear offers a great white glove delivery service, for installing, removing (or both), for mattresses, or mattresses and the bed base, which is super convenient for the customer. This service means your new bed or mattress is set up for you, the old one removed if you need it and you can relax knowing the job is done for you.

It is important to note that this service does incur a fee of $175.

Can I find Bear discount codes online?

Our advice is to stay away from discount codes as much as possible if you can; make the most of the sales and discounts that are available direct from the retailer on their website. We only say this because searching for discount codes online can sometimes lead you to some sub-par websites, and often codes from these websites don't even work. It's better to wait till proper sales days, or use a browser extension like that applies any applicable discount codes or coupons for you.  

What is a good price for a mattress?

There are different benchmark prices for mattresses depending on the quality that you're looking for. You can find a mattress between $500-$850 at the lower end of the scale, but the quality and durability will be questionable, particularly if you want to invest well and avoid re-purchasing a mattress within five years. Typically, the better, more expensive mattresses are made to last longer, because they avoid using low-quality materials like polyester that can cause sweating and rashes, especially on sensitive skin or children. 

For a better sleep experience and guaranteed durability, you're looking at $2500 plus at the higher end, especially if you want luxury comfort features and extras like cooling technology, etc. Bear mattresses range in price from $500+ all the way to approx. $3000, and of course there's a lot of fluctuation in sales prices, etc. So it all just depends on what you're willing to spend. 

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