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Best Auto Insurance Companies 2020

Best auto insurance companies 2020
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The best auto insurance is necessary to protect you financially, if you’re unfortunate enough to have an accident in your car. Without auto insurance, you could be left with considerable bills to pay for the repair of your car. Perhaps even more costly, without the best auto insurance you’ll have no protection against the other financial liabilities that can arise from an accident, including medical bills and legal fees. 

Auto insurance companies charge different rates or premiums to different drivers, depending on how much of a motoring risk they deem you to be. This means inexperienced drivers can expect to pay more for their car insurance policies than perhaps a senior who has been driving for many years and never made a claim on their insurance. As a result, the best auto insurance for any given person often depends on where they are in their driving career - young drivers will usually need to seek out a car insurance provider that is willing to offer them more affordable premiums, while those with more experience behind the wheel will often be offered cheaper premiums in comparison, and so might favor a more comprehensive auto insurance policy. It’s also always worth checking out whether a car insurance policy might come bundled together with breakdown cover - that way you might be able to avoid having to pay for the best roadside assistance services

There are, of course, other aspects of auto insurance that need to be considered too. If you’re regularly on the road, auto insurance companies that will provide a complimentary rental car or even a hotel stay, should you be involved in an accident away from familiar surroundings, might be important to you. Other more regular drivers will value the reassurance and guidance that the customer support agents at the very best auto insurance providers can provide should you be involved in an accident that leaves you uncertain where to turn. Equally, if you’ve financed the purchase of your car using the best auto loans, gap insurance might be something of interest too.  

1. Erie Insurance: Best auto insurance company overall

Erie Insurance - our best auto insurance company in 2020

(Image credit: Erie Insurance)

Erie Insurance

Best auto insurance company overall, thanks to excellent customer care

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: Yes | App: No | Diminishing deductible: Yes

Rate Lock system
Diminishing deductible
Superb customer care
Only available in 13 states

Erie Insurance is one of the best auto insurance companies out there right now, with an ability to straddle the line between great pricing, personal care and huge financial strength. Individual features like Rate Lock to keep prices fixed, diminishing deductible to help good drivers save money, and some of the best customer care in the industry, make this a treat for those people in the 13 states this insurer operates in. It's just a shame Eerie isn't more widely available like some of its rivals.

If you've got pets or like modifying your car, or drive a classic, Erie has special care for you too. You'll even be let off for an accident without it affecting your policy thanks to accident forgiveness. We'd like to see the addition of a mobile app in the future, along with expansion into other states, but aside from that there's little to fault here. The options are huge and varied making this a near perfect auto insurance solution for most people. 

2. Amica Auto Insurance: Best customer service

Amica Insurance

(Image credit: Amica )

Amica Auto Insurance

Has excellent customer service, and offers personalized care

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: No

Superb customer service
Ranked number one by JD Power
Lets you pick your repair shop
Rate increases

Amica Auto Insurance is one of the best companies around when it comes to customer care and, as a result, is one of the best insurers out there period. Ranked as number one by JD Power its features, like the ability to pick a repair shop near you, make this a personalized and freeing option that's hard to find fault with. 

That said, there are some reports of rate increases but with such good customer care even that should be easily cleared up with a call or email exchange. Aside from the superb customer care, via an Amica representative, you get features like flexible billing plans, online policy management and lots of discounts to be earned. There's even a mobile app to help you track your policy and make claims too. All that and this is available in 50 states plus Washington, DC.

3. Auto-Owners Insurance: Best for affordable care

Auto-Owners Insurance

(Image credit: Auto-Owners)

Auto-Owners Insurance

Great prices, and a well designed phone app too

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: No

Affordable prices
Excellent customer service
Great mobile app
No online quotes

Despite remaining a medium-sized company Auto-Owners is a Forbes 500 firm that offers superb personal customer care backed by strong financial stability. As such it can afford to offer great prices, which undercut the competition while still giving excellent features. It isn't the absolute cheapest, but manages to balance excellent prices with a suite of decent features.

Available in 26 states, Auto-Owners uses a great app to give control to customers, including accessing roadside assistance when needed. You can speak to a local agent for any concerns or to change your policy for features like classic car cover, gap insurance and more. The only real issue is that Auto-Owners doesn't issue quotes online, so you'll need to go through a longer process to get insurance here.

4. Geico Auto Insurance: Best for cheap prices

Geico Insurance

(Image credit: Geico)

Geico Auto Insurance

Offers some of the cheapest policies out there

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: No

Low rate options
Great for multiple vehicles
Optional add-ons can raise your premiums

As a huge insurance firm, Geico is able to undercut the competition in most cases meaning you end up with the lowest-price insurance available. While Geico does offer lots of features on its policies, with these low prices be sure to check you're covered for anything specific you're looking for - there are different tiers of service, and while that offers customization, you need to make sure you get everything you need with your policy.

The mobile app is impressive with a built-in personal assistant to help you with anything you might need. Quotes are easily obtained online for free and features are varied including breakdown cover, emergency roadside assistance and express auto repairs, to name but a few. It's ideal for anyone looking to cover multiple vehicles, although premiums can start to get expensive fast if you start adding heaps of extra features.

5. Allstate Auto Insurance: Best for app support

Allstate Insurance

(Image credit: Allstate)

Allstate Auto Insurance

Has a superb app to help you track your policy

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: No

Outstanding app
Quick claims process
No maximum car rental limit
Not cheap
No green vehicle benefits

Allstate is one of the biggest auto insurers in the US meaning it offers solid financial stability and a lot of features. One stand-out feature is the mobile app which allows you to access your policy easily but it also lets you make a claim. So advanced is the app it will allow you to take photos of the car, using the phone, and submit them right there from the accident so the claim process can begin right away.

As such the claims process is a fast one with minimal hassle. While that's going on you can get a rental car with no upper limit and there's also accidental forgiveness so that accident shouldn't even push up your premiums. All that, of course, isn't as cheap as some options out there, and there's no green vehicle benefits, but on the whole this is a really great auto insurance offering.

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6. State Farm: Best for bonuses

State Farm

(Image credit: State Farm)

State Farm

There are some excellent added value features with State Farm

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: No | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: Yes

Drive Safe & Save benefits
Steer Clear Driver Program
Great rental car system
No accident forgiveness
Not cheap

State Farm is a huge auto insurer and offers a massive amount of benefits to go with that mighty size. Covering 50 states and with over 18,000 local agents, claims are an easier process than with some insurers. But if you're not claiming you'll be rewarded for being a safe driver, with Drive Safe & Save offering savings based on the mileage you drive.

There's also a Steer Clear Driver program which lets you take a refresher course, to make you're a safe driver, and in doing so gets you a reduction on your premium. The car rental cover, should you need it, is also excellent with it paid up as well as any expenses that go with it all, helping make the repair process easier.

7. Farmers Auto Insurance: Best for easy claims

Farmers Insurance

(Image credit: Farmers)

Farmers Auto Insurance

Offers cheap cover with a very easy claim process

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: No

Super affordable
Useful app
Accident forgiveness
No smart-driving program
Rental reimbursement not always included
Pricing varies by location

Farmers Auto Insurance is one of the most affordable options out there without meaning you have to worry about the claims process, as that works well. Policies are available for as little as less than $100, for the very minimum cover. Spend a bit more and you get lots of features.

The car replacement service means if you total your car, that's newer than two years and has done under 24,000 miles, you'll get a brand-new model to replace it. Also, with accident forgiveness, your premium won't change for an accident in three years of safe driving. You'll even be reimbursed for loss of use while your car isn't with you.

8. Travelers Auto Insurance: Best for discounts

Travelers Insurance

(Image credit: Travelers)

Travelers Auto Insurance

Offers frequent discounts, especially for careful and green drivers

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: No

Accident forgiveness
Gap coverage
Hybrid/electric discounts
Claims satisfaction could be better
Limited to 43 states

Travelers Auto Insurance, as one of the country's oldest, is a great option for those looking to enjoy discounts for a wide selection of personalization options on their policy. These include savings for things like driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, students getting good grades or for having multi-car policies. 

Travelers is limited to 43 states but works superbly where it's available, with an A++ Superior rating of financial strength from AM Best. Great features sell this, including gap insurance, new-car replacement and accident forgiveness as easy to access options on a policy.

9. American Family Auto Insurance: Best for bundles

American Family

(Image credit: American Family)

American Family Auto Insurance

Has good payouts, and offers decent policy bundles

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: No | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: Yes

Friendly, local customer service
Gap insurance
Death payout
Claims processing times vary

American Family Auto Insurance is tenth largest in the US yet manages to have some of the fewest complaints thanks to its friendly local-based service. Since it offers different types of insurance it also gives great incentives for bundle deals which can save you money.

Another great way to save money is to use the KnowYourDrive program which tracks your driving, if you opt-in, and lets you save up to 40 percent if you're a safe driver. Roadside assistance 24/7 and gap coverage are also nice extras but we love the MyAmFam app which is a great way to process payments, download proof of insurance, track claims and even call out roadside assistance if you need it.

10. Progressive Auto Insurance: Good if you've had an accident previously


(Image credit: Progressive)

Progressive Auto Insurance

Best for customers with previous claims on their record

Gap coverage: Yes | Roadside assistance: Yes | Accident forgiveness: Yes | Pet coverage: Yes | App: Yes | Diminishing deductible: Yes

Super affordable
Discount programs
Good for those who have history of accidents
No brick-and-mortar stores

Progressive is a big scale insurer that can afford to give drivers with a history of accidents another chance. It not only offers cover to those prone to accidents but also offers really low prices and plenty of discount programs to reward safe driving.

Thanks to a direct model, rates can be kept low and you can enjoy more unique features like pet cover and car modification coverage. Other features include gap insurance, roadside assistance and Snapshot which tracks your driving style to potentially save you money.