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Best circular saws 2021: Corded circular saws and compact options
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A good circular saw is a key item in almost every tool kit, thanks to its ability to make fast, accurate cuts in lots of different materials. When it comes to choosing the best circular saw for you, it’s important to keep in mind the type of work you expect to use it for as well as how often you expect to use it. These saws come with a range of features, so we’ve rounded up the best circular saws on the market to save you hours of researching.

Best overall

Best circular saws

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Makita DHS680Z Brushless Circular Saw

Cordless design

The Makita circular saw creates clean cuts while also being lightweight enough to prevent aching wrists on long jobs. Its features include built-in LED lights to light-up cut lines and a brushless motor that doesn't overheat, use up as much battery life as other circular saws, and doesn’t take as long to charge in the first place. The Makita comes with a blade that is powerful enough to cut through nail-embedded wood and has a blower to keep your cuts clear of debris. You can also attach this saw to a shop vacuum as you cut.

Best compact

Best circular saws

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Hychika Mini Circular Saw

Cuts wood, tiles, and plastic

This smaller-sized saw has the same power and ability as standard-sized circular saws with a 500W motor and a rotation speed of 4,500 rpm. The dual handles of the Hychika give you great control that results in more straight cuts and better safety outcomes. This circular saw features a laser guide and three different blades to cut soft and hardwoods, plastic, and harder materials like tiles and some metals.

Best lightweight

Best circular saws

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DeWalt DWE560-GB Circular Saw

Ergonomic design

This DeWalt circular saw gives you increased bevel degree capacity with a powerful motor, durable power cord, and ergonomic design. The DeWalt circular saw if suitable for long and heavy-duty jobs. It weighs just 5.36 kg and includes features like an integrated dust blower.

Best heavy-duty

Best circular saws

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Bosch Professional GKS 190

Corded design

This Bosch Professional circular saw has one of the most powerful motors of any other tool, which makes it a great pick for big jobs. It is adjustable to allow a cutting depth of 70 mm and a 56-degree cutting angle. The GKS 190 has an integrated blower to keep the cutting line clear and a deflector to keep wood chips from falling back onto the cutting area, or up into your face. It is designed to give you good control without tiring you out as you work.

What to look for in a new circular saw

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It’s easy to think that sheer power makes the best circular saw. In fact, it’s the smaller things, such as dust chutes, cord length, spindle locks, rip fences, and electric brakes, that make all the difference. A saw can cut at 6,200 RPM, but if it doesn’t include any of these features, it’s going to be a pain to use in the long run. These features enhance the durability and versatility of the tool in a profound way. An accessory as simple as an included carrying case makes the saw more portable, and therefore more useful.

Cutting features

The most important test we conducted was for handling efficiency. Our reviewers used each saw for several hours and compared their experiences to come up with a percentage score. Additionally, they looked at how deeply you can cut at 90- and 45-degree angles. They verified the bevel capacity, the wider the better, so you can cut to whatever degree you want. Positive bevel stops are also an important consideration since they allow you to quickly adjust the shoe for common angles.

How thick can a circular saw cut?

Circular saw blades range from about 15.87 centimeters to 26.67 centimeters in diameter. Generally speaking, the most common blade diameter is 18.5 centimeters, which can cut wood up to 5 centimeters thick. You can also cut materials up to 5 centimeters thick with a 16.5-centimeter blade, but 18.5 centimeters is still the most popular.

Still, less common, larger blades may come in handy if you work on projects that involve larger wood beams. Mayer mentioned the thick slabs needed for building tables and benches specifically.

Beyond size, there are other factors to consider as you choose the right blade for the job. Look for masonry blades when you need to cut brick or cinder block and tile-cutting blades for your flooring project. Also, you may need blades made of specialized, durable materials for certain projects. There are high-speed steel blades, which stay sharper longer than normal blades, as well as carbide-tipped blades that stay sharp even longer. Diamond tips can improve the quality of cuts on tiles.

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