The Best Dental Software

Why Use Dental Practice Management Software?

Maintaining a successful dentist office takes a lot of hard work. There are many responsibilities associated with keeping the practice running smoothly, from the front-office tasks to clinical work. Dental practice management software allows you to handle all of these tasks with one application. Office managers can schedule appointments, enter employee information, and manage billing and insurance information, while dentists and dental hygienists can enter all clinical work performed. They can plan upcoming treatments, view patient and periodontal charts and enter information about the patient and the visit.

Dental software is a comprehensible application and is much more than just a scheduling or payment tool. Dental practice management solutions are available as a software product or as a cloud-based application. Here, you will find articles about dental office software as well as reviews of the best options available. Be sure to check out our top three applications: Ace Dental, Dovetail and Dentrix.

Dental Practice Management Software: What to Look For

When choosing the right dental practice management solution for your office, you must first decide if you prefer a cloud-based application or local software. In addition, look at both the front office and clinical tools that are available. You will want software that performs all of the tasks and provides all of the tools you need to make your office run more smoothly. Additionally, the customer support offered by the manufacturer is crucial. If you have problems with the software, you need to know help is readily available to prevent losing valuable patient and practice information.

Here are the criteria to look for in these products.

Front Office & Clinical Tools
Dental practice management software provides front-office tools to make your patient s visits enjoyable and prevent hiccups. These applications provide scheduling capabilities and the best products feature patient reminders to save your front office time preventing and rescheduling missed appointments. Also, look for dental software that will assist with billing and insurance matters. Coding assistance and claims management features can also save your front office time and headaches.

Dental hygienists and dentists should look for a variety of clinical tools to ensure patient tracking, information, and charts are updated and accurate. Look for applications that offer several patient charts including periodontal charts. Additionally, progress notes and treatment planning can help prepare you for upcoming visits.

The overall feature set of the application is another criterion you must consider when looking for the best dental practice management software. Look for an assortment of technology features such as file sharing, mobile access and data backup. Instant messaging is also a valuable feature that allows you to communicate between workstations and improve the communication in your office.

Other important factors to consider are custom reporting capabilities and training resources. This type of software is very detailed and extensive. If proper training on these types of applications is not provided, you will not receive the full benefit of the product and you will miss many tools to help you become an even more successful practice.

Help & Support
Things can go wrong and when they do, you need to know help is available. Email, telephone and live chat support are contact options that can ease your stress when problems arise with the software. In addition, FAQs sections and online documentation allow you to find answers on your own without direct help from a representative.

Dental management software can be the best companion for your dental office. It can integrate every aspect of your practice so all the information you need is available at your fingertips.