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Best home safes 2021
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The best home safes keep your possessions nice and secure. Whether it’s cash, valuables, important documents, or jewelry, you want to keep it safe from burglars, fire, and water. These are the best safe options for your home with a variety of locking mechanisms, sizes, and levels of fire resistance.

Best overall

Stalwart Digital Safe

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Stalwart Digital Safe

Loud alarm to deter thieves

This cabinet-style safe can stand on its own or can be wall-mounted depending on what you need. It stands just over 19-inches tall and is made from thick sheets of steel, so it’s hard to break in. It features a keypad lock system that you can program with a master code and with guest codes. If a code is incorrectly entered three times, a loud alarm will sound and will keep sounding for five minutes, or until you’re able to turn it off. The Stalwart Digital Safe does come with two override keys, just in case the codes or misplaced or forgotten.

Best value

Best home safe 2020

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SentrySafe X055

Robust home safe

SentrySafe has an interior of 0.58-cubic-feet, perfect for storing jewelry, money, and small collectibles. The digital locking mechanism is controlled by a digital keypad, but two spare keys are included in case you forget your combination. The SentrySafe is made of strong steel and can be bolted down with the included hardware.

Best fireproof safe

best home safe

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Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe

For important documents

This home safe from Amazon Basics is made from 14-gauge stainless steel and will keep internal temperatures low for 15 minutes, long enough for your grab important documents or media during a fire. It features an adjustable shelf inside to make good used of the 1.2 cubic feet of storage space. It has a digital keypad for secured entry and a backup key.

Best combination lock

best home safe

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SentrySafe SFW123DSB

Waterproof and fireproof

This heavy-duty home safe uses a traditional dial combination lock rather than a digital keypad. This means even without power you can get to your valuables. It does have a backup key. It features 1.23 cubic feet of storage space and is waterproof and fireproof. It will withstand high heat for up to an hour. It also will withstand a 15-foot drop.

Best wall safe

Best home safe 2020

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BARSKA Biometric Home Safe

Uses fingerprint technology

This durable safe has two strong steel bolts that secure the door using a motorized locking mechanism, and the body is composed of high-integrity steel. The safe can be unlocked using the built-in fingerprint scanner, which is able to store up to 30 fingerprint patterns. The safe comes with backup keys in case the fingerprint scanner's battery dies or stops working.

Best large capacity

Best home safe 2020

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Paragon 7775 Large Electronic Digital Safe

Solid steel build

The Paragon 7775 is made with thick, 11-gauge solid steel to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks. The hinges are tamper-proof and located on the inside of the door. The interior floor has carpet padding to reduce scratching of valuables while a small shelf makes better use of the 1.8 cubic foot of storage space. This safe stands nearly two feet tall.

What to consider before buying a home safe

Before choosing the best home safe for you, we would recommend deciding on where you would store your home safe, what you want to store, and what level of safety you require. A handful of safes on the US market today are specifically made for particular items. Also, think about which type of safe access would best suit you. Do you want a simple lock and key method? Or would you rather have a digital number pad you enter a code into? You’ll find some home safes include models have fingerprint recognition. This provides your home safe with an extra form of security. 

As with many things, the more money you spend on a safe will dictate the workmanship, materials it’s made out of, and often, its quality. This is particularly relevant if you want a safe that is fire-resistant home, made from more heavy-duty materials, or has pry-resistant hinges.

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