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Best truck rental for moving services 2021

Best truck rental for moving services 2021
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Finding the best truck rental for moving is essential if you want moving day to go without a hitch. Whether you’re relocating near or far, most people will need truck rental services for moving their possessions safely and speedily to their new home. 

When it comes to choosing the best truck rental for moving, most companies will have a number of different options. If you’re relatively light on furniture and belongings, a pick-up or van could be big enough. Or if you’re a larger family, or have a lot of possessions to move, some truck rental services offer trucks that are up to 26 feet in length. Most people make use of the other hiring options and services that truck rental companies provide as well, such as special moving boxes, protective blankets and hand trucks. And many can put you in touch with professionals who can be hired to pack everything up for you, load and then unload, before unpacking at your new home. 

If you’re making a long distance move, finding the best truck rental services for one way moves will allow you to drop off the vehicle near to where you’re relocating. And when it comes to cost, you should anticipate paying more the further you’re moving and the bigger the vehicle you hire. That said, you should always shop around, find a truck rental company with a good reputation for customer service, and take note of each service's reservation policy too. 

To help with your search, this guide highlights not only the best truck rental for moving overall, but also the services that excel if other priorities are important to you. That means you’ll find the top rated truck rental for moving service if you’re making a local move, another that stands out for long distance relocations, and another that simply represents the best value for money. And of course, as you’re moving to a new home, you should also check out the best homeowners insurance as well, to make sure everything is fully protected as you settle in. 

1. U-Haul: Best truck rental for moving overall

U-Haul is the best truck rental company for moving overall

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U-Haul is the popular truck rental service with all the moving options you will need


Locations: 20,000+ | Truck options: 5 (from 10ft to 26ft) | Other rentals: Pickups, cargo vans, trailers, tow dollies, car carriers | Price : Around $1,900 for 20 foot truck, 1,000 miles

Reasons to Buy

Vast selection of trucks and vans
20,000+ locations
Can negotiate over price

Reasons to Avoid

Best to double check the reservation

U-Haul has all the truck sizes, pickups and cargo vans required to meet any type of house move. And with 20,000 locations around the US, no truck rental service is better-placed to get you into your new home, wherever it may be. In addition to the moving trucks, which are custom made to make moving as quick and easy as possible, U-Haul rents out trailers and car carriers that you can use with your own truck or SUV. Even the company’s smallest 10-foot truck can tow a car dolly or car carrier. 

If you're not completely prepared for what a house move will entail, U-Haul also rents hand trucks and furniture pads, and sells special moving boxes and packing materials. The company can help you find laborers to load or unload the truck, or help with packing and cleaning, as well. 

In terms of price, you can get a tailored quote on the website that will depend on the type of vehicle you want, how far you're going, and the additional services you might require. It's always worth ringing too, however, particularly if you've found a competitive quote elsewhere, as U-Haul is usually willing to negotiate to secure your custom.

2. Budget: Best value truck rental for moving

Budget offers the best value truck rental for moving

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Budget offers regular promotions on truck rental and always-on discounts for seniors, students and military personnel


Locations: 1,600 | Truck options: 12, 16 and 26-foot | Other rentals: Cargo vans, tow dollies, car carriers | Price: Average $1,500, but $80 for local

Reasons to Buy

Promos, discounts and price matching
Great selection of protection plans
Loading and unloading assistance

Reasons to Avoid

Only three truck sizes
No guaranteed reservations

Budget is where you should turn if keeping moving costs low is a particular priority. There are regular offers and promotions that everyone needs to make the most of, and set-in-stone discounts for particular groups, including AARP members, students, and military personnel. Budget will also work with you to match competitors’ prices, and tends to beat the competition when it comes to local moves.

While the truck selection is relatively limited compared with other truck rental services, the three sizes on offer should be enough to satisfy most. The wider rental options are more sparse too, although van hire is possible, and tow dollies and car carriers can be rented for use behind the two largest trucks. To aid your move, you can rent hand trucks and furniture pads too, and there's a partnership with the Hire A Helper scheme that could secure you the professional muscle you might need.  

On the downside, Budget doesn’t guarantee its online reservations, and if there’s a scheduling conflict, you may have to work with your local franchise’s manager to get a different truck than the one you reserved. Overall, however, Budget is as you might expect - a low cost truck rental service that rarely disappoints. 

3. Enterprise: Best truck rental for local moves

Enterprise is the best truck rental for local moves

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Enterprise is ideal for local moves, but less so if you're moving far


Locations: 350 nationwide | Truck options: 14 | Other rentals: No car carriers or tow dollies | Price: Day rates up to $475, plus up to $0.69 a mile

Reasons to Buy

Great selection of vans and pickup trucks
Good option for local moves
Mileage costs waived on some vans, up to 300 miles

Reasons to Avoid

Not suitable for long haul moves
Lack of moving support option

If your move is more local than long distance, Enterprise rents out a wide range of trucks, vans, and pickups that accommodate a variety of moving situations. The super clear website makes hiring a breeze, while the pricing structure is simple too - there's a daily rate plus mileage, although the costs do differ between locations. Some of its smaller rental options will see no mileage charged either if you're driving fewer than 300 miles.

Where Enterprise falls down is with long distance moves. With round trips the only hiring option, you'll need to return your truck to where you collected it from, and the 350 or so truck rental locations means it falls some way short of the location numbers offered by U-Haul and Budget. If you want help with your move, you're probably best looking at other truck rental services too. Furniture pads and hand trucks are available for hire, but there's no option to rent car carriers or tow dollies, and loading and packing services are not available. 

4. Penske: Best truck rental for long distance moves

Penske is the best truck rental for long distance moves

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Penske offers unlimited one-way mileage making it perfect for long distance moves


Locations : 2,500 | Truck options: 4 | Other rentals: Cargo van, tow dollies, car carriers | Price: Daily rate for one-way moves - no mileage

Reasons to Buy

Large network of locations
Unlimited one-way mileage
Plenty of moving support

Reasons to Avoid

No trailer rentals

Penske is a great choice for long distance moves, and offers more than 2,500 pickup and drop-off locations, including select Home Depot stores, for your truck rental convenience. What's more, it is one of the few truck rental services that accommodates one-way moves, and there's unlimited mileage on these hires too - all you pay is the day rate that you'll agree upfront.  

Penske should also be saluted for guaranteeing reservations made at least 48 hours before you're due to pickup, and for the wide range of moving support that it offers through its website, from moving packs to driver hire. The truck choice may not be as wide as some other rental service, but there should be an option to suit every need. And while you're on the road to your new location, you'll also have the comfort of knowing Penske takes steps to protect the environment too.  

5. Ryder: Best for specialty truck rentals

Ryder is best for specialty truck rentals

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Ryder caters primarily to more specialist truck rental needs


Locations: 500+ | Truck options: 2 standard, plus stake and refrigerated | Other rentals: Sprinter van, but limited move support

Reasons to Buy

Refrigerated and stake truck rentals
Plenty of locations

Reasons to Avoid

Few standard truck options
Little move support

Ryder makes our shortlist essentially for being one of the only national truck rental services that rents stake trucks and refrigerated trucks, although you'll need to have a business use to hire one. Standard rental trucks for moving are available too, but there's only two options on offer - 16-foot box trucks and 26-foot moving trucks - or a sprinter van for lighter loads. There's no tow dollies or car carriers on offer either, and you're probably in the wrong place if you want move support, as only a handful of locations rent hand trucks and furniture pads. 

Ryder has more than 500 locations in the US and Canada, but with one-way rentals not an option, you'll need to return your truck to the place where you picked it up. Essentially, Ryder is your go-to truck rental company for the more unusual moving needs you might have, but if you're simply moving your home from A to B, there's far better options on offer elsewhere. 

Expert advice on choosing a truck rental

To help you decide on the best truck rental for moving, we talked to Michael Keaton, senior director of communications for the American Moving & Storage Association, to learn about recent developments in the truck rental industry. 

One important piece of information he shared is that moving expenses are no longer tax deductible after Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017, “which suspended qualified moving expense deductions along with the exclusion of employer reimbursements as taxable income through 2025.”

We also asked Keaton about the important services and additional equipment to consider adding to a truck rental reservation, and he suggested adding a full-value protection plan. “You can opt for the minimum coverage of 60 cents per pound for an interstate move, which is not recommended," he said. "Your 20-pound TV is surely worth more than $12 if it is broken.” 

When you choose additional coverage, it's important to consider that as a DIY mover, you have little experience packing and stacking boxes, and that comprehensive coverage can cover a mishap.

When is truck rental cheapest?

The cost of a rental truck will in the first instance depend on truck availability, size and return location, with prices usually including a set number of days of use and mileage. However, the price you will pay will also depend heavily on demand and seasonality. Because summer is the most popular moving time, demand for trucks goes up and so does the price. College students often move home in the summer, and families tend to move when children are out of school, so if you can schedule your move in the fall, spring or winter, you could save money.

How we evaluated the truck rental services

To assess the various truck rental for moving services, we used their websites to assess the rental options available and to obtain quotes for different moving scenarios. We also made note of the additional equipment a company offers, including hand trucks, furniture pads and car carriers, as offering such extras for hire is the convenient way to aid a safer and swifter move. Whether packing, loading, and driving assistance was available, or could be arranged, was considered too. 

Furthermore, we compared the number of rental locations each truck rental service has in the US and Canada, and reviewed each company’s terms and services. So some truck rental services fail to offer one-way truck rentals, and others will not guarantee reservations. We also noted the various supplemental insurance programs on offer that can protect you and your belongings financially should anything go wrong during a move.