Black Friday coffee maker deals 2024: when, where and how to shop next year

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We love a coffee maker upgrade, especially when we've got involved with the Black Friday coffee maker deals. There's no feeling quite like bringing fresher, tastier coffee into your home, while saving yourself countless dollars from coffeeshop orders and the rest of the holiday shopping.

But if, like us, you want to grab one at its best price, you can use a few simple steps to make sure you get the best deal possible. Research and timing is key, as is knowing how to choose a coffee maker to make sure you're getting the right one for your kitchen.

As well as providing expert tips to finding the best Black Friday coffee maker deals, we've rounded up the best sales as quick links that you can shop right now to snap up one of the best coffee makers, and before the caffeine cravings kick in. There are also heaps of exciting Keurig deals popping up around this time of year, with plenty of sales to shop. 

Black Friday coffee maker deals and sales

Black Friday coffee maker deals: quick links

Any store that sells small appliances will likely stock a decent number of coffee makers. Retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target offer heaps of choice, and you can also go direct to brands like Nespresso or De'Longhi to see if there are any exclusive offers.

Check out our A - Z of some of your favorite stores to shop for a Black Friday coffee maker deal in 2023.

Black Friday coffee maker deals: buying advice

When to shop for a Black Friday coffee maker deal?

Black Friday is the best time of year to shop for a new coffee maker - or any appliance, for that matter. We all know it as the season of discounts, but it can actually be the smartest move to wait until then if you're looking for the best price. 

Often, manufacturers like Nespresso and De'Longhi will release new products in the fall, and Black Friday in November is a chance to clear old stock at a reduced price. It works well for both the sellers and the consumers, and can be a great opportunity to find coffee makers from 2021-23 at their best price.

Where can I find the best Black Friday coffee maker deals?

During Black Friday we saw a lot of coffee maker deals across the majority of reseller sites, and those by the brands. We saw that Ninja and Keurig, for example, have webs exclusives and are also the first to discount. Reseller sites such as Amazon and Walmart then follow suit to either price match, or under cut the brands by a dollar so they end up being the cheapest.

Post Black Friday we saw that there were some deeper discounts on coffee makers, but not all. Many Black Friday coffee maker deals dropped to their lowest price ever; it just comes down to where you would prefer to shop.

How to get the best Black Friday coffee maker deals

Finding the right coffee maker at the best price takes a little research (and sometimes some patience, too). A big factor to consider is the type of coffee machine you're after, as they can range in price from anywhere below $50 all the way up to $1,000s. 

If you're making the big investment for one of the more expensive machines out there, it's definitely best to use the advice above and wait for when it'll likely be at its lowest price (around Black Friday and the end-of-year sales). 

If you're going for a more affordable model, like a Keurig pod brewer, you may not have to be as patient as sales run throughout the year. Waiting until Black Friday might save you an extra $10 - $50, but you'll often find great deals on them at various times in the year. 

Once you know what coffee maker you want, it's a good idea to use price comparison sites to see whether you're genuinely getting a good deal. For products listed on Amazon, CamelCamelCamel will show you their price history, so you know whether you're getting the coffee maker at a particularly low price. Honey is also a useful tool, it'll show you price trends for various retailers whilst also displaying how much other websites are selling it for. It's a great way of finding out whether you're getting the best current price. 

How to choose a coffee maker

You're going to be paying a keen interest to the price when buying a coffee maker, but before that, there are many features you may want to think about to find the best deal on that particular type.

The sort of coffee you want is of great importance. Do you want a simple drip filter-style coffee that you can tip from the jug when needed? Or do you also need a machine that offers the option to use pods for quick espresso-style coffee too? You'll pay more for multi-feature models but then can cater to the needs of more people, making it ideal for guests too. 

Do you want to make your coffee from grounds or beans? A built-in grinder model is a great idea if you prefer to buy whole beans and grind them yourself. Sure, you may save money by buying a separate grinder but take into account transferring the coffee and the mess and clean-up that could mean too.

Size is important as you may want a larger coffee jug that lets you share with the family, in your office, with guests, and so on. If you go larger, be sure you also have a good heating plate to make sure as little as possible goes to waste by getting too cold too quickly. If you want coffee fast, you may want a smaller option that gets you a single cup quickest.

Other features you may want to look out for include a timer for early morning coffee ready when you wake, auto-pause to get you coffee mid-brew, a steam wand to froth hot milk, strength controls, easy clean features, and audible signals so you know when your coffee is ready.

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