BRS Roadside Service review

BRS Roadside Service offers a smooth customer journey and accessible website

BRS Roadside Service review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

BRS is one of the top picks for roadside assistance thanks to its solid offering, decent pricing, and wide-ranging set of services. You won’t fork out a fortune for a reliable rescue service that doesn’t hide too many Ts and Cs in the fine print.


  • +

    Accessible website

  • +

    Good plan options

  • +

    Vast network of service providers


  • -

    No plans for RVs or trailers

  • -

    No coverage for vehicle recovery in snow

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BRS Roadside Service is one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market right now and it has the best towing distance on offer. Most of the best roadside assistance services only offer you five miles of towing for the basic plan – with Best Roadside Service you get 75 miles. That’s an impressive distance considering competitors put 100 miles as part of their expensive premier packages. 

The company is also one of the only roadside assistance companies reviewed to have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and enjoys an A+ rating, plus a very decent customer review score. In fact, customer service seems to be one of the big promises of the company that has, according to reviews, managed to get service to stranded customers within half an hour of a call. You’ll also get benefits tacked onto your membership like theme park discounts, hotel reservation discounts, coupons and a concierge service. 

BRS review: The fine print

BRS has a nifty way of providing you with a plan that suits your budget. If you’d like to protect a specific vehicle, then you pay $65 and the plan is tacked onto a vehicle and it doesn’t matter who sits behind the wheel when something goes wrong. With the Individual Plan you pay $84.95 and the plan is tacked onto the person, so no matter what car you’re driving in, the plan has got your back. 

The limitations of Best Roadside Assistance are in the winching and extrication elements. You only get up to $50 to pay towards your vehicle being extracted and your car has to be at least 15 feet from a road which can be quite limiting. If you run out of fuel, oil or water, they’ll bring it to you but you’ll be liable for their cost. What’s nice here is that they bring oil and water as well – most plans only provide for fuel. Another really great touch on the BRS site is the fact that they have a giant box entitled: Service Limitations. You can immediately read what your plan will, or will not, provide which is a far cry from the usual problem of spending hours trying to find the fine print. 

BRS review: Costs and ease of use

Key info

Application process: Simple quote-based process online
Packages and costs: Several customizable packages to suit budgets and vehicle types
24/7 recovery: Yes
An app for that: No

BRS offers a variety of different plans so you can customize them to suit your needs. The vehicle plans are a good choice for families or individuals who share a car. The car is covered, regardless of who sits behind the wheel. You’ll pay $65 per vehicle per year and $120 per year for two vehicles. The individual plan is more expensive at $84.95 per person and going up to $104.95 for two people. The restriction here is that if you opt into the family plan for two, everyone has to live at the same address. But you do get six service calls per year, which is a nice extra above the standard four. The price goes to $139.95 for a family of four, which is an incremental cost increase that’s quite reasonable but your call outs stay at six, which isn’t. 

Figuring out which plan you want and how you want to structure it is very easy. Just click on Vehicle, Individual or Motorcycle and the site will don the rest. You can start the registration process online or you can contact them for a quote. Sadly, BRS doesn't do RVs or trailers, so you'll need to go to Good Sam Roadside Assistance for something like that.

BRS is a good all round provider

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BRS: Customer reviews and support

Best Roadside Services is BBB accredited and has superb customer reviews on the site call citing the excellent customer service, the speed of assistance and how quickly they step up to redress any issues experienced by a customer. It’s a far cry from some of the F- scores that dog the footsteps of some of BRS’ competitors. They’ve also put customer reviews on their website – this is obviously a curated selection – but the fact they’re so effusive does put a tick in the right box.

The website is easy to navigate and understand, you can quickly determine where the individual versus commercial plans are and find the package that suits your needs. You’ll also find the benefits offered by the packages very easily and the very clearly marked list of restrictions and service limitations. Overall, it’s one of the best websites on the market with one of the best, if not the best, customer feedback. 

Should you choose BRS?

BRS is near the top of the class when it comes to providing a reliable and versatile roadside assistance service. The company has put a lot of effort into delivering superb customer service and this shows in the website layout, the fine print, the accessibility and, well, the customer reviews. This lifts it head and shoulders above many providers, who often seem to have indifferent customer service and secretive Ts and Cs. 

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