Curve Hero by Curve Dental is web-based dental practice management software that protects your patient and practice information online and allows you easy access regardless of where you are, as long as you have internet. Your office staff can communicate quickly from one workstation to another in regards to patients, and technical support is available by email or phone.

In case your dental office prefers not to have expensive equipment to maintain, Curve Hero allows you to sign up for instant access to complete web-based dental practice management software. The software is extremely easy to learn, and the variety of options allows you to streamline the program to your specifications.

You can use many of the features of the Curve Hero dental practice management software with a drag-and-drop command. Curve Hero is straightforward, and the response time from one function to another is smooth and short.

This online dental practice management software features a variety of training videos available for immediate access. When you sign up for the monthly service, you also have access to webinars, a glossary of available items and a variety of other online resources, including live chat with support representatives who can walk you through a variety of help tasks.

Because all of your practice information is stored online, Curve Hero is best for small and medium-sized practices. There is no need to worry about computers crashing or running out of hard drive space.

With the Curve Hero online dental practice management software, you can create invoices, file insurance claims, check insurance status and schedule appointments from anywhere. The interface is clean and simple without confusing toolbars or folders, so the system is easy to learn and use.

This online dental practice management software requires a constant level of high-speed internet access. If you are located in an area with iffy service or if high-speed Internet is not offered for your business, an online cloud-storage based software is not a good fit. Curve Hero also does not provide much along the lines of custom reports and invoicing. Some images are not supported, which means you may need another program for X-rays.

Curve Hero online dental practice management software offers a variety of tools to assist you with your dental office. It does have a few software integration drawbacks, though, and if your internet goes down, you have no access to your files.