The Daisy practice management software from DMC Central provides everything you need to run a dental office with ease. It scans and stores your important files and manages your practice's calendar to give your dental office greater efficiency.

Daisy assists you in creating extensive patient charts, handling your office calendar with ease, scheduling appointments and accessing a patient's history with just one click. You can also send out patient appointment reminders and check the status on insurance claims quickly.

For those who like to set company goals, this practice management software lets you instantly view your goals by the week, the month or the day. You can use this knowledge to schedule high-dollar procedures or to spread out the procedures over a greater period of time.

This online practice management software program allows you to go completely paperless with the paper file scanning system. You can also capture digital signatures that are required for HIPAA laws and regulations. These signatures cannot be altered or deleted in any way except by the primary operator of the software, so it is a secure and efficient way to collect signatures.

The Daisy management software is integrated with your patient files, so you can send out thank-you letters to patients for their business. You can also send out welcome letters to new clients, collection notices for those who are late with payments and even print out prescriptions.

This practice management software doesn't offer any type of inventory or point-of-sale features within the program. Instead of being able to order supplies by looking at inventory quantities online, you have to physically check the amount of supplies you have on hand. This can take extra time that you could be focusing on another task.

The Daisy online dental practice management software is a versatile program that handles nearly every aspect of your practice. Aside from the lack of inventory, the Daisy software is a solid choice for medium-sized and large dental offices.