Dentrix by Henry Schein is paperless dental practice management software that offers voice recognition, computer-based training and patient education. It is designed to meet the needs of any dental office.

This online dental practice management software was one of the very first software systems to be offered to dental offices using a Windows-based platform. It is also the first dental office management program to be approved for Windows 98. For this reason, the company was able to grow alongside the Windows platform to ensure a flawless delivery. The software also provides consistent updates with each new Windows release, which saves money and allows the software to expand to meet the changing needs of any dental office.

This software makes scheduling easy by providing you the tools needed to streamline your workflow. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can fill empty scheduling blocks, send out appointment reminders and confirm appointments within seconds. The software also features a hefty and expansive integrated imaging system, so you can view X-rays within the program and without having to switch between multiple systems.

Misplaced documents can present a nightmare for any medical practice, but with the Dentrix system, you will never misplace another document. The system provides instant access to X-rays, benefit documentation and patient history records with one simple search.

While the benefits are plentiful because Dentrix was originally developed around the time Windows 98 made its mark, it still uses a C-tree database system. This sets limits on customization and also limits the number of workstations to around 15 or 20. Dentrix has many premade printable reports, but you can't customize them to your particular office. This online dental practice management software is an excellent choice for smaller dental offices, because larger clinics may be limited in what they can accomplish with the system.

Overall, Dentrix online dental practice management software is an excellent choice for smaller practices. It delivers basic tasks and features a wide variety of appointment tasks, such as viewing by the month, but it isn't that customizable, and it can be messy when trying to split payments between families or when tracking balances.