The Genesis dental practice management software is easy to use and navigate. It provides instant access to your files with just one click.

Genesis is the only single-screen dental office management system available. The single screen makes this system easy to operate and understand. For this reason, you don't need extensive training to fully convert your office over to this software. The software is also fully upgradeable, so it grows along with your practice, and the reliable tech support ensures your system stays up and running.

Not only is the Genesis dental practice software easy to use, but you can navigate it with just one click. You can also use voice commands to find patient files and patient ledgers, all from one location. The voice recognition guards against unauthorized use but ensures you have instant access when you are in a hurry.

Genesis software only works with older versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP, 2000, 98 and NT. Because of this, it is impossible to configure the software with new systems. If you ever upgrade your office computers, you will have to purchase new computers in order for the software to continue working, or you will have to have an older version of the Windows operating system installed on your new computers.

This dental management practice software includes an integrated word processor. This feature allows you to email customers concerning upcoming appointments and send out collection letters with just one click.

For those who need a dental office management program that handles accounting tasks, Genesis can check on insurance payments and find out whether or not insurance benefits are available. You can also download the full version of the software at the company website before you purchase it and experience exactly how the program works.

Aside from being slightly outdated, the Genesis dental practice software is easy and convenient to use. The voice-activated system, integrated word processor and accounting features are particularly helpful for dental offices.