Practice-Web Dental is a user-friendly practice management software program that allows software integration, financial reporting, audit controls and electronic claims processing.

Practice-Web Dental can help your office go completely paperless. This program is cloud based, so you can scan documents and destroy the originals, eliminating the need for large rooms full of filing cabinets and shelves. This option also reduces expenses for supplies and eliminates lost or misplaced files.

The three-dimensional charting with this dental management software makes it easier to view treatment possibilities. This feature also provides you with a flexible view of the teeth, soft tissue and bones, and you can focus in on one specific tooth and record the exact three-dimensional shape of fillings and other dental implants. You can integrate the software with all major radiology systems, which eliminates the need to switch back and forth between multiple systems when looking at the images and making notes in a patient's file.

Because Practice-Web Dental is a fairly new practice management software program, it can run off Windows 8, which is excellent news for new offices or for those upgrading their systems. You can use the software for one computer or set it up to accommodate a whole network, so it works well regardless of the size of your practice.

The software company provides consistent updates on the program to enhance your experience, making all of the processes run smoother and provide more benefits with one click. Among its easy-to-use features, Practice-Web lets you send out automated appointment reminders, and new patients can sign up over the internet to avoid filling out paperwork when they arrive at the practice.

One aspect of practice management software that often gets overlooked is the ability to monitor employees. Practice-Web Dental provides a time clock for employees, so you get an accurate readout of who is showing up for work on time and who is leaving early. The software also provides full training and support, which keeps your staff knowledgeable about ongoing updates. You can spend more time visiting with patients and less time monitoring employees, which is key to the success of your business.

The Practice-Web Dental practice management software is fully customizable to meet your practice's needs. This software offers everything you need to run your dental office, but you must be willing to pay for the added features.

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