CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System review

CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System is a decent package at a low price, but doesn't scrimp on ease or accuracy.

CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System
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The CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System is an affordable and simple way to keep track of your sugar levels with accuracy. Thanks to the ease of use this is a great kit for anybody new to monitoring their blood glucose levels.


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    Affordable and basic

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    Easy for new starters


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    No app support

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    No light

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The CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System is an affordable way to get your blood sugar levels quickly and easily. Everything is simple to use with a clear interface making this an ideal beginners' system and one of the best glucose meters out there.

Of course, when compared to units with app support, like the Dario LC Blood Glucose Management System, this could seem minimalist in its output. But for those that don't need extra depth of analysis but prefer to keep the process quick and easy this is a great option, especially for the price. The cost gets you the meter itself as well as a lance system and testing strips, everything - aside from alcohol swabs - you need to start measuring your blood glucose levels.

The unit itself is able to store lots of readings which means you can refer back to them or share that information with your physician if you need. There is also an average for the last fortnight which gives you an easy at-a-glance view of your health. Everything can be synced to a PC via a cable if you want to store more long term.

CareTouch review: Design and portability

Key specs

Memory: 300 test results
Results: Under five seconds
Blood sample size: 0.5 microlitres
Battery: CR2032 (1,000 tests)

  • Compact, travel-friendly size
  • Auto on/off
  • Button controls

The CareTouch glucometer itself is a small unit that strikes the balance between portability and ease of use. Any smaller and it would be too fiddly, any larger and it wouldn't slip into your pocket so easily. The buttons are large making them easy to use even in the dark and one handed. The screen is also big, taking up most of the front of the unit and displaying large font numbers so your reading is clear at-a-glance.

The only downside is the lack of backlight and port light. As such you'll need to shine your phone light, or something else, if you're trying to operate this in dark conditions. Something like the Fora 6 Connect is better in this respect.

Perhaps the idea here is to save on battery life. As such the standard CR2032 battery will last you a good 1,000 tests. This is also thanks to an auto on/off function which means you can use, put down and not worry about powering off. This adds to that simplicity and functionality that makes this monitor ideal for beginners and anyone looking for ease of use. 

CareTouch review: Memory and connectivity

  • 300 results
  • PC sync
  • 14 day average

The CareTouch monitor doesn't come with Bluetooth connectivity but it can store up to 300 results on the unit itself. Even that isn't a great amount compared to some units but you can get that data off. By using a USB cable it's possible to connect the monitor to your PC to get the data off for your longer term records.

To store a reading locally on the device you simply press the M button and hold it after the result has come up. You can also access a 14 day average for monitoring your overall results in the more short term, right there on the monitor. It is also possible to flag pre and post meal readings making the data more contextual and useful. It isn't as high-tech as competitors, but it saves you money, and only the Contour Next One is as economical.

CareTouch strips are cheap and easy to use

CareTouch strips are cheap and easy to use. (Image credit: CareTouch)

CareTouch review: Sampling and accuracy

  • No coding
  • Eject button
  • Small sample size

The test strips are already pre-coded meaning you don't need to worry about batch codes being on each strip. As a result there's no need to insert codes so you get the greatest accuracy with minimal effort. Accuracy is at the FDA approved level meaning it's plenty high enough to rely on. That's required to be within 15% of the true glucose number 95% of the time and within 20% for 99% of the time. Its main competitor, the Accu-Chek Guide is more reliable, but costs a little more.

The sample size is smaller than lots of big name monitors require, at just 0.5 microliters. Using the provided lance means you can easily and relatively painlessly get your blood sample for the test strip. 

The strip inserts easily and then causes the monitor to automatically turn on. After you've got your reading, within just five seconds, you can then remove the strip using an ejection button. This makes the process super easy and clean so you can put the unit down and move on while it turns itself off. Simple.

Should you choose the CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System?

The CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System might be a complicated name but the unit itself is the opposite, as a simple and easy to use device. That means coded test strips for ease and accuracy, minimal sample blood required and a handy eject button. The auto on and off nature of the unit saves power while the lack of light does the same, although this will be a negative for some people. Readings are clear on the big display and up to 300 can be stored before being transferred to PC via cable. 

While this is a simple to use and affordable glucometer, the lack of app support and port light may be negatives for some. At the price, and for the ease of use, it's a very good glucometer system

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