Casper Sleep launches new cooling mattress tech and sheets ahead of summer

Casper Sleep launches new cooling mattress tech and sheets ahead of summer
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Casper Sleep has just unveiled a new cooling mattress innovation called Snow Technology, now found in the Wave Hybrid Snow and the Nova Hybrid Snow mattresses. Designed especially for hot sleepers, these Snow Technology powered beds could make a world of difference to people suffering from overheating during sleep, and who are considering investing in a cooler setup to help them snooze more comfortably through the night. 

Both models are a hybrid affair, using a mixing of supportive foam and supportive springs to ensure you stay comfy regardless of what position you fall asleep in, and now they’ve been supercharged with extra cooling functionality. Although not yet featured among this month’s best Casper mattress deals, we hope to see some juicy savings offered on these beauties soon. 

Casper, generally considered one of the best mattress online brands for value, has also unveiled new cooling Hyperlite bed sheets, a Breathable Mattress Protector, and lightweight versions of its popular duvets. "We needed to address the overwhelming gap in the market of effective sleep solutions for those who overheat at night," said Philip Krim, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Here’s what we know about the summer-ready Casper cooling collection…  

The Nova Hybrid Snow

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Casper Nova Hybrid Snow and Wave Hybrid Snow: Price, design and features

The Nova Hybrid Snow is the cheaper of the two, with prices starting from $1,695, while the Wave Hybrid Snow starts from $2,095. Both feature Casper’s new Snow Technology, a cooling feature designed to help stop overheating during sleep. 

The Snow Technology is essentially a four-part cooling system, starting with a QuickCool Cover infused with phase change material. According to the press release, this “delivers an added 24% cooler to the touch feeling upon climbing in bed” compared to the standard Wave Hybrid. 

There’s also a fancy new innovation called HeatDelete Bands, made from graphite and are heat-conductive. These create channels in the foam layer of the mattress to pull heat away from the underneath of your body, rather than leaving it trapped there as traditional foam beds would. 

Hyperlite sheets in peach

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According to the brand, “The addition of our proprietary Snow Technology provides the same comfort as our existing mattresses, but offers an overall 6 degree cooler sleep made possible by HeatDelete Bands that remove 34% more heat for 12+ hours of cooler sleep when compared to the Casper Wave Hybrid”, which is a significant improvement.

Combined with a layer of breathable Airscape foam and cooling gel, Casper’s new Snow Technology-powered hybrids are seriously good news for anyone dealing with night sweats, hot flashes, or who naturally sleeps hot and spends half the night kicking off the covers.

Cooling collection bed sheets, duvet and protector

In addition to the new Snow Technology in the hybrid mattresses, Casper has also released Hyperlite Tencel sheets (from $109) that are, “woven in a unique grid to create vent-like structures”. This design was created to increase airflow and breathability throughout the night. 

Then there’s the Lightweight Duvet for temperature and humidity control (prices start from $159), and each of the brand’s duvets can now be purchased as a Lightweight option, giving you maximum coziness and cooling. 

Completing the collection is a machine washable Breathable Mattress Protector (from $119), available in six different sizes and made with a ‘spacer knit’ design to increase airflow. It’s designed to fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep, and has a fluorine-free, water-resistant finish. 

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