Casper vs Leesa mattress: Which budget mattress in a box should you buy?

Casper vs Leesa mattress
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When it comes to Casper vs Leesa, at first glance there isn’t an awful lot of difference between them. Both feature in our best mattress online guide, and both offer plenty of choice with affordable mattresses designed to support a range of sleep positions and postural needs.

Plus, there’s no denying that both of these are super comfy and supportive. The best Casper mattress deals can often net you juicy savings on the brand’s already cheap mattresses in a box, while Leesa regularly runs sales on its popular beds too. In fact, take a look at our guide to the best Leesa mattress Black Friday deals for the latest prices.

While we’d recommend looking at our best cooling mattress guide if you regularly overheat in bed and therefore need something far more tailored to helping you sleep much cooler, both Leesa and Casper make mattresses with enhanced airflow. You may also be interested in our best bed toppers guide, which also has cooling options.

The Leesa Original and the Casper Original all-foam mattresses are both delivered straight to your door, all rolled up and fitted into a surprisingly slim box. It’s as hassle-free as that. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any simpler, the prices are pretty convenient too, and you can try them out before you commit to buying. We look at how both compare in our Casper vs Leesa mattress comparison.

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Casper vs Leesa mattress: Casper mattress box shown next to a bed

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Casper vs Leesa mattress: Specifications

Casper Original:

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Depth: 11”
  • Turn: No
  • Filling: Foam
  • Comfort: Medium-firm
  • Trial: 100 nights
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Price: $595-$1,295

Leesa Original:

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Depth: 10"
  • Turn: No
  • Filling: Foam
  • Comfort: Medium-firm
  • Trial: 100 nights
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Price: $699-$1,199

Casper vs Leesa mattress: Design

Both the Leesa Original and the Casper Original are constructed in layers made from premium foam. But, it’s fair to say, each has something slightly different to offer.

The Leesa Original’s six-inch core support layer presents a sturdy base for all sleep positions, while the layer above contains two comfy inches of memory foam to contour the body and provide relief for pressure points. Meanwhile, at the top, is another two inches, this time with cooling foam. The mattress is covered in a luxurious soft gray twill, which offers softness, breathability and it looks great too.

The Casper Original’s three layers feature an innovative middle section that gives plenty of support and spinal alignment in the form of ‘zones’, offering gentle foam at the shoulders, and firmer foam at the hips, waist and lower back.

This sits on a durable base of premium foam, which is sturdy enough to prevent sagging. Meanwhile, the top layer features Casper’s own AirScape system with perforated breathable foam to help minimize heat-retention as you sleep.

Both companies pride themselves on the low levels of toxins used in the manufacture of their Original mattresses, and they both also have low VOC emissions, so as not to compromise the indoor air quality in your bedroom. But, when it comes to helping the environment, Casper goes a step further by making each Casper Original mattress cover with up to 57 recycled bottles.

Casper vs Leesa design winner: Casper
Both the Casper Original and the Leesa Original are faultless when it comes to great design, but the innovation by the team at Casper Labs impresses with its cooling AirScape top layer, as well as its zoned support middle layer. Finally, the cover made from recycled bottles sweetens the deal further.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: an image showing the Leesa mattress

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Casper vs Leesa mattress: Price and warranty

With such excellent mattresses on offer, you’d expect a price tag to match, but both the Leesa Original and the Casper Original are comfortably affordable.

Casper’s prices for the Original start at $595 for a Twin, which makes it a great option for a guest or teen bedroom, while, at the other end of the size spectrum, the King (which is twice as wide as the Twin), can be yours for $1,295. Leesa’s starting prices start slightly higher at $699 for a Twin, but, at $1,199 the King is slightly cheaper than Casper’s equivalent.

It’s worth looking online for the best prices for both these mattresses, as there are often deals to be seized. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for bundles, where buying together with a pillow or mattress topper can bring the cost down even further.

Both the mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty within the US, which covers any manufacturing defects rather than the normal wear and tear associated with daily use of a mattress. As ever, check the fine print.

Casper vs Leesa price and warranty winner: Leesa
Even though the starting price for the Leesa is more for its Twin and Twin XL, the affordability shines through when it comes to the Full size and larger, with Leesa retailing at approximately $100 less than Casper’s equivalents. Plus, for every ten mattresses Leesa sells, it donates a bed to charity.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: a woman lies on a Casper mattress

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Casper vs Leesa mattress: Comfort and support

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side (or change around during the night), the Leesa Original is designed for all sleep positions.

The six-inch core base and thinner middle layer of Leesa’s comfy memory foam work well to relieve pressure and reduce lower back pain. Meanwhile, the top layer offers a light floaty feeling, which may or may not be to your preference. However, the cooling properties of this top layer should offer even the hottest sleeper enough ventilation to wake up refreshed.

Out of the two, the Leesa Original does veer towards being the firmer mattress, ideal if you are looking for extra support. The Casper Original is also big on support, but as mentioned, this is more targeted due to the zoned design of its middle layer that gives extra support around the back. This is a great option if you tend to sleep on your back or front (and your current mattress makes you wake up cranky with a sore back).

The overall feel of the Casper Original is cosy and its perforated breathable foam is designed to keep you cool, and so, just like the Leesa Original, minimizes the chance of overheating.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: an image showing a Leesa mattress box next to a bed

(Image credit: Leesa)

Casper vs Leesa comfort and support winner: Casper
This one is a tough call as it depends on personal taste. If you want airy and floaty, go with the Leesa. If you want snug and cosy, go with the Casper. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that both give you proper support when you lie down.

Both are great at cooling too, however, Casper just pips Leesa to the post with its zoned support system. Offering targeted support for different areas of the body is a simple yet great idea, and while this might not always work for all heights or body types, it is still a plus-point when it comes to the overall support of this mattress.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: User reviews

Casper has more than 19,000 reviews on its website with feedback that ranges from glowing to glowering. The positive reviews frequently mention the luxurious softness of the top layer, while on the flipside this texture is also cause for complaint for others. As ever, it comes down to personal taste.

The comfort levels from the reviews also seem to be dependent on sleeping position, as side-sleeping on the zoned areas will make this seem like a softer mattress, while snoozing on your back and front will see firmer pressure support around the middle of the body.

Elsewhere on the internet, the reviews are complimentary about the affordability, zone technology and the general high quality of the mattress. More negative reviews cited responsiveness and edge support as an issue.

Leesa’s website has the same amount of reviews as Casper’s, with praise also directed at the comfort of the Original mattress as well as its affordability. Positive reviews highlight the balance when it comes to simultaneous softness and support.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: the corner of a Casper mattress

(Image credit: Casper)

Good words obviously go to the fact Leesa donates one bed to charity for every ten mattresses it sells. Negative reviews, meanwhile, tend to focus on the firmness of the mattress, which, as ever, was a point of praise for others.

Other reviews away from Leesa’s website appreciated the firmness and motion-transfer of the mattress, although there were several reports of the mattress being uncomfortable for sleepers who were heavier or had a larger frame.

Casper vs Leesa user reviews winner: Draw
Both mattresses received good amounts of positive feedback, and parallel levels of negative feedback. The companies as a whole were generally praised, although there were gripes about delayed delivery and warranty quibbles with both. Many reviews welcomed the 100-day trials, appreciating that it was long enough to get a fair feel for the respective mattresses.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: Trial period, shipping

As great as a mattress sounds on paper, how suitable it actually is depends on the individual. Both the Leesa Original and the Casper Original allow you to try the mattresses for 100 nights from the date of delivery. This ensures you get a fair go on the mattresses to see if they might suit you long term.

Both deliver for free and pick up any returns free of charge too. Because Leesa mattresses are made to order they can take 3-6 days to ship. Casper ships from their facilities within 1-2 business days.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: an image showing a Leesa mattress next to a Leesa box

(Image credit: Leesa)

Both deliver their mattresses rolled up and packed in a box that is simple to unpack by one person, although you might want another person around to assist just in case. For its Original, Leesa recommends that, once unpacked, it might take an hour or so for the mattress to expand, take shape and for any odor to dissipate.

They also advise it could take a few days for the mattress to firm up fully. If, for any reason, you need to keep the Original in its box, Leesa recommends that you should only do so for up to 30 days.

When it comes to unboxing, Casper states that once the mattress is unrolled it can be slept on within minutes, although it also states it will also take longer to reach its true dimensions.

If you are unable to take the mattress out of the box and set it up yourself, both companies offer an in-home setup service at extra cost.

Casper vs Leesa trial period and shipping winner: Draw
Because both the trial periods are 100 nights, it’s a draw in that respect. And while Casper might ship a little quicker, you might prefer the fact Leesa makes its mattresses to order in the US, and, as such, won’t mind waiting those few extra days.

Casper vs Leesa mattress: a family sprawl out together on a Casper mattress

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Casper vs Leesa mattress: Verdict

When it comes to high-quality, affordable mattresses that suit most shapes and sizes, then both the Originals deliver. The amount of thought and testing put into the ergonomics and temperature, all while maintaining each brand’s feel, is evident in both.

Both are great value for money, and it’s also a big plus that Leesa donates a bed to a child in need for every ten mattresses sold. The company has so far sold more than 30,000 mattresses and has donated to more than 1000 non-for-profit organizations.

The bonus with Casper comes in the zoned support of its Original mattress, which not only shows great design innovation but also delivers a noticeable difference when it comes to spinal alignment.

Casper vs Leesa overall winner: Casper
If you’re looking for simplicity, affordability and good charitable deeds, the Leesa is a good choice. But overall, and especially if you’re after innovative comfort and impressive support, the Casper Original sneaks ahead.

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