Chrome now includes HTTPS-first mode to enhance security

Chrome now includes HTTPS-first mode to enhance security
(Image credit: Google)

In Google's continuing bid to maintain its hold as one of the best web browsers out there, there are plans to make Google Chrome even more secure by offering an HTTPS-first option. 

That might not sound like much to you or me but it means a substantial security boost. Switch the option on and the web browser shows a full-page warning when you try to load up a site that doesn't support HTTPS - the most secure form of browsing right now. Conveniently named HTTPS because it adds an extra S to HTTP (it stands for 'secure', of course), HTTPS encrypts your traffic making it an extra safe bet when you're using public Wi-Fi or you simply want to keep your ISP unaware of what you're doing.

Right now, that might not sound like such a big deal but it's something that Google is keen to encourage its users to embrace in future. It's doing so by marking insecure sites with a 'Not secure' label in the URL bar and by using https:// in the address bar by default. 

HTTPS-First Mode is an option currently starting with Chrome 94 but it's likely we'll see it become more widespread. The release of Chrome 94 is expected for September 21 so there's a bit of time yet to see what it all means. Google has written a comprehensive blog post covering the matter but all you need to know is that Google has the right idea here.

For your average daily use, HTTPS-First Mode should help keep you secure when you're using the best home computers as well as the best laptops. Ultimately, isn't that what we all want? Combined with the best internet security software, it should mean your system is that bit more secure and privacy-conscious in the long term. Keep an eye out for the update in September. 

Jennifer Allen

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