Contour Next EZ Meter review

The Contour Next EZ Meter proves that blood sugar monitors don't have to be expensive or complicated to use.

Contour Next EZ Meter
(Image: © Ascensia Diabetes Care)

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The Contour Next EZ Meter is simple to use and would therefore suit people who are new to measuring their blood glucose levels. If you want something with smart capabilities, this isn't right for you, but if you want a reliable device that's affordable, accurate and fast, this is well worth a look.


  • +

    Accurate built-in technology

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    Results delivered within five seconds

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    Simple to use


  • -

    No smart capability

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    No color display

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The Contour Next EZ Meter is designed to help people with diabetes manage the condition better by monitoring their blood sugar levels at home and on the move. Made by one of the world's best glucose meters companies, the Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter is user-friendly and reliable.

Unlike some of the more non-invasive meters that rely on sensor technology, the Contour Next EZ requires you to prick your fingertip to draw blood for an accurate blood-sugar reading. As such, the kit comes with a lancing device and lancets. While this might seem like a relatively basic design on the surface, the manufacturer claims it offers “remarkable accuracy”. 

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Contour Next EZ Meter review: Overview 

The Contour Next EZ Meter is designed for people who are new to managing their diabetes, or for people who are looking for a simple way to keep track of blood sugar levels. The device has a basic black and white display and easy-to-navigate controls, but it doesn’t have any ‘smart’ features. 

This means it won’t sync via Bluetooth to your phone for you to keep track of your progress on the Contour Diabetes app. However, you can connect the device to your computer with a cable, and download the Glucofacts Deluxe diabetes management software. This enables you to look at your stats and share them with your doctor or another healthcare professional should you wish.

Contour Next EZ Meter review: the meter shown in black and white

(Image credit: Ascensia Diabetes Care)

Contour Next EZ Meter review: Specs

  • RRP: $30
  • Memory: 480 test results
  • Results: Five seconds
  • Sample size: 0.6 microliters
  • Battery: DL2032 or CR2032

Contour Next EZ Meter review: Design

At 3.03 x 2.24 x 0.74 inches, the Contour Next EZ Meter is compact, and weighing just 1.7oz it’s easy to use and carry with the shield-shaped device fitting easily into your palm or pocket. But unlike some of the more expensive models, it only features a black-and-white display.  That's not a major issue from an aesthetic point of view, but it does mean you miss out on color coding, which is one of our favorite things about the Contour Next One

On the plus side, the display is easy to understand, showing your reading (in milligrams of glucose per deciliter) in large digits, along with the date and time (12- or 24-hour clock) and amount of battery power left. Elsewhere on the unit, you’ll find up and down buttons for scrolling through the features and options, plus there’s a memory button for setting your selections. 

Like many of the top glucometers, the Contour Next EZ Meter requires you to prick your finger to draw blood. To enable the device to measure your sample, you need to insert a test strip into the port at the front (this automatically switches the device on) and then the strip will take in your sample. If you haven't given enough, the device will beep twice or flash an 'underfilled' symbol, giving you 20 seconds to add more blood.

Contour Next EZ Meter review: Benefits and features

Considering the price, the Contour Next EZ comes with a surprising number of features. Most importantly, care has been taken to ensure that readings are as accurate as possible. No Coding technology means there's no need to calibrate your device before each test, removing any risk of typing in the wrong information. 

Through something called MultiPulse, the Contour Next EZ also tests each blood sample several times before it displays the results. This doesn't mean you're left waiting around, though – your reading will appear after a five-second countdown (that's potentially faster than our best-rated glucose meter the Dario LC Blood Glucose System), enabling you to get on with your day.  

Contour Next EZ Meter review: The kit pictured, showing test strips, lancing device, and a black carry case

(Image credit: Ascensia Diabetes Care)

This meter also boasts a variety of functions to help you manage your lifestyle as effectively as possible. As well as being able to store 480 test results on the device for retrospective analysis (not as many as the FORA 6 Connect), you can lay down pre- and post-meal result markers (indicated on the display by apple symbols).

You can also monitor your blood-sugar trajectory via 7-, 14- and 30-day averages, set audible alerts to remind yourself to take your tests, and apply a 'logbook' symbol to noteworthy readings to help you identify them later on.

Amazingly, the Contour Next EZ Meter (which runs on two 3-volt lithium batteries, lasting around 1,000 tests) even works in altitudes of up to 20,674 feet, making it an ideal choice for hikers and mountaineers.

Contour Next EZ Meter review: How could it benefit you?

This pocket-sized blood sugar monitor provides a simple, convenient and accurate way to monitor your blood glucose levels. While its 480-test memory isn’t as impressive as some other devices, it's still decent, and the device also offers a reasonable level of insight to help you manage your diabetes. 

The Contour Next EZ could be a lifesaver if you're forgetful, as it enables you to set reminders for when to test your blood sugar levels. And, while it doesn't have the smart features of some meters, if you need to regularly liaise with a healthcare professional, it's possible to do so by connecting a cable and downloading the Glucofacts Deluxe software.              

Contour Next Ez Meter review: The meter pictured in its cardboard box

(Image credit: Ascensia Diabetes Care)

Contour Next EZ Meter review: User reviews

Over on Amazon, more than 1,000 reviewers from across the world have rated the Contour Next EZ, giving it an excellent overall score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Reassuringly, 79% of those ratings fall in the 5-star category.

One five-star review states: “Bought one of these for my T1 diabetic husband, a switch from the One Touch that he's been using for years. The Contour Next EZ is wonderful because it requires less blood on the test strip. Battery life has been great so far too. No complaints. I would recommend it.”

Another five-star rater from the US noted: “It gives consistent readings and couldn't be easier to use. It comes with a nice case to keep everything together, and easily fits in a pocket. Results come fast and it doesn't need much blood for testing. Just make sure you buy Contour Next strips and not regular Contour strips with it!”

Less positive reviews include this 3-star piece of feedback: “Works fine but doesn't seem to keep a history of readings.” While a one-star reviewer questioned the accuracy of the Contour Next EZ, writing: “What I really hate about it is that it registers my blood sugar 10 points higher than my other machine. I tested it several times with different batches of test strips and it is higher. Not a good thing for people who are trying hard to get their numbers down.”

Should you buy the Contour Next EZ Meter?

If you're still finding your way with diabetic self-management or you don’t feel the need for any flashy technology, the Contour Next EZ is an excellent option. Simple to use and boasting a large, easy-to-read screen, it enables you to test your blood glucose levels with confidence. 

One thing that goes beyond simple is the technology built into the device, which ensures you get the most accurate reading possible. And while the Contour Next EZ isn't packed with features, it fulfills the most basic needs brilliantly. Considering how cheap it is (and how infrequently you need to change the batteries), it represents good value for money.  

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