DeWalt DCD991P2 review

The DeWalt DCD991P2 cordless drill is powerful and it has three speeds for tackling a range of tasks.

DeWalt DCD991P2 review
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The DeWalt DCD991P2 cordless drill delivers when it comes to performance but it’s quite heavy to handle.


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The DeWalt DCD991P2 is a cordless drill that has a brushless motor. It’s powerful and can take on a range of DIY and professional tasks, but with power comes a heavier drill to handle. 

The DeWalt cordless drill is one of the most powerful DeWalt has made and it offers a handy LED torch too. If you’re still deciding which type of drill you’d like, check out our full guide covering the best cordless drills on the market. 

DeWalt DCD991P2: Features

The DeWalt DCD991P2 cordless drill comes with a half-inch chuck, is sold with two Li-ion batteries (five amps a piece for extended use), and offers a three-year warranty. The electric clutch on the DCD991P2 will automatically adjust its torque to one of three pre-set speeds (it doesn’t have a hammer mode) and delivers consistent, readily available power.

It’s capable of drilling up to 55mm in wood and its all-metal nitro-carburized chuck is rust-resistant for smooth operation and longer-lasting life. Carbide inserts improve that all-important drill bit gripping strength, ensuring all that on-tap power isn’t being wasted at the business end. To complete the package a powerful and adjustable LED torch provides the operator with a clean view of the job in hand. The LED torch has three different settings so that you can choose how bright it is. 

The real winner here though is the fact that the DeWalt DCD991P2 has three spin speeds and can reach an impressive 2000 RPM. That’s over three times faster than Black + Decker LDX120C

DeWalt DCD991P2: Performance

The rotating drill bit is run by an electric motor which works by exploiting opposing magnetic poles to spin a shaft. The old fashioned way to do this is by using metal brushes that physically work with the opposing magnets to keep the shaft spinning, however, the DeWalt cordless drill doesn’t have brushes and instead has an electronic circuit board and a sensor. 

The DeWalt’s brushless system is by far the preferred way for several reasons; brushless cordless drills tend to be smaller and lighter, they are easier to maintain (brushes wear out faster than circuit boards) and because of the lack of friction generated by brushes they run cooler, and it’s that lack of heat guarantees a longer overall life. 

Brushless drills are more energy efficient too, more responsive and pack more power as there are no brushes to hinder speed. The DeWalt DCD991P2 packs even more of this power than its predecessor -the still popular DCD990- by a whopping 34%, bringing the power up to 20 Volts and making the DCD991P2 the most powerful cordless drill that DeWalt has built. It’s more than capable of tackling the toughest jobs, but it also requires an operator who can take on the hefty 4.54 kg of weight and have deep enough pockets to take on the starting price of around $300. DeWalt DCD991P2 isn’t a budget option tool, but you get what you pay for and maybe a bit more on top. The DeWalt DCD991P2 is a hard-working, well-made machine that’s more than up to the job. 

In the heavy-duty cordless drill department, there is no direct competition. Other heavy-duty cordless drills on the market cost less and deliver almost as much power, but they suffer from a lack of features or specifications that allows the DCD991P2 to stand out. 

DeWalt DCD991P2 review

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DeWalt DCD991P2: User reviews

On Amazon, the De Walt DCD991P2 has an impressive average user rating of 4.9 out of five stars. Some criticisms do come in the form of users suggesting that the battery packs aren’t very tight fitting which can be annoying. However, other positive reviews praise the power of this cordless drill. Some users add “you get what you pay for”, and that the three speed settings make a big difference in terms of the tasks you can use this drill for.  

Should you buy the DeWalt DCD991P2? 

There are only a couple of questionable aspects of the DeWalt DCD991P2, the main one being its weight. It’s not the easiest drill to handle, that might not be an issue to individuals that aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work, but even they might find it wary after a while. This aspect is somewhat countered by the DeWalt DCD991P2’s ability to get the job done as efficiently and, therefore, as quickly as possible. The same logic can be applied to the price; it’s not cheap but you’re buying a quality tool designed to last while taking a few knocks and bangs on the way, and you know what they say, buy cheap, pay twice. 

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