Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 cordless drill review

The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 is a cordless drill that combines good value for money with two speeds and an impressive warranty.

Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 cordless drill review
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The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 cordless drill offers power and practicality at a very reasonable price.


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    Great value

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    Only comes with one battery

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    Only two speeds

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The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 is a cordless drill that has a 24-volt battery and comes with two speed settings making it suitable for most drill projects within the home. If you’re working with exterior surfaces, like thicker masonry and tougher metals you’re probably in need of something with more power and hammer action. However, as one of the cheapest models we reviewed, the Kobalt KDD offers exceptional value for money without compromising on quality features. To compare this model against the others we’ve reviewed, head to our complete guide to the best cordless drills around.  

Kobalt KDD 1424A-03: Features 

The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 is lightweight and easy to handle, weighing just 4-lbs which makes it lighter than other leading drills such as the DeWalt DCD991P2. It’s reasonably priced too, and is cheaper than some other drills that offer the same amount of power. 

For the money, you’re getting 24-volts of power and a brushless motor that offers 650-in-lbs of torque, which effectively means more strength from the drill to prevent any resistance when you start drilling. 

Power normally equates to a much heavier drill, but with the Kobalt KDD, you’re getting power and a lightweight drill in one. This cordless drill does only have two spin speeds though, and some models offer three, but it has an impressive spin speed of up to 2000 RPM. There are also 24 clutch settings, the same amount we’d expect to see from some of the most premium drills around. 

An LED light helps guide you as you work and the Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 cordless drill also comes with a charger, double-ended driver bit, an auxiliary handle, storage bag, and a belt clip. 

The whole lot comes with a five-year limited warranty on the drill and a three-year limited warranty on the 2.0Ah Li-ion battery. The battery itself has a decent two-hours run time, but there is only one battery included with this drill, so you’ll have to buy an additional battery if you want a back up.

Kobalt KDD 1424A-03: Performance 

Only having two speeds (as opposed to three) isn’t an issue with the Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 because the brushless motor delivers a controllable 650-in-lbs of torque, spinning the drill bit up to 2000 RPM and at 24 volts it’s the most powerful drill in its heavy-duty class. The two-speed settings mean you’ll be able drill screws and holes into tough materials. Expect it to cope fine with wood and plasterboard, but don’t expect it to get through masonry and render. Also, because this drill is light, you won’t get a tired arm when you’re using it. 

Only the DeWalt DCD991P2 stands out in terms of specifications and features compared to the Kobalt KDD1421424A-03 but it’s double the price and a lot heavier too.

On the basis of cost and power, nothing comes close to the Kobalt KDD1421424A-03. It’s one of the most powerful drills on the market and for less than half the price, even more, if we throw the DeWalt DCD991P2 into the equation, it’s capable of tackling the same jobs and see them through, so long as the battery doesn’t pack in and you’ve not gotten around to buying a spare. 

Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 cordless drill review

(Image credit: Lowe's)

Kobalt KDD 1424A-03: User reviews  

The Kobalt KDD1424A-03 scores an average of 4.5 out of five stars on Lowe’s with 91% of customers recommending it. Users praise how fast it charges and the fact that it’s light and ‘well balanced’. One user said that this drill ‘drilled through concrete blocks with masonry bits effortlessly.’ Some criticisms came in the form of some users stating that this Kobalt drill isn’t suitable for steel and one user said ‘the chuck became sticky after a few months of use’. 

Should you buy the Kobalt KDD 1424A-03?

The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 is one of the best value for money drills we’ve reviewed. For what you pay, you get reasonable power, quality, and an easy-to-handle drill. This cordless drill does only offer two speed settings, rather than three, however, it’s fantastic for its price.  

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