Remington HC6550 review

The Remington Cord/Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit features a powerful motor, titanium-coated blades and a built-in vacuum with a high-powered fan – combining the mobility of a cordless hair clipper

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The Remington Cord/Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit is a powerful, innovative clipper that lets you cut hair with no mess, and its rechargeable battery provides up to an hour of cordless operation.


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    This clipper features a built-in vacuum and hair collection receptacle for convenient, mess-free haircutting.


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    Given its larger-than-average size, you may need an additional, smaller trimmer for detailing necklines and sideburns.

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The Remington Cord/Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit features a powerful motor, titanium-coated blades and a built-in vacuum with a high-powered fan – combining the mobility of one of the best hair clippers with the convenience of not having to sweep up after a cut. It comes in a versatile 18-piece kit with numerous attachments. Eleven durable guard combs give you 11 precision cutting lengths from 1/16 inch to 1 inch. The kit also includes left and right taper clips, scissors, two sectioning clips, blade oil and a hair removal brush, all of which fit nicely inside a durable zippered pouch.

The Remington Vacuum’s attachments fit securely and are easy to fasten and remove. The kit’s scissors are of higher quality than some of the others we tested, but don’t get your hopes up too much. None of the scissors we tested compare with professional shears. Salon-quality scissors deliver better results, but they can also cost thousands per pair!

Most consumers, of course, aren’t buying the Remington for its scissors. Its vacuum is what makes this clipper unique. The vacuum is quiet and efficient, and it’s cooled by a high-powered fan. Its built-in receptacle is large enough to collect clippings from a full haircut, and it wasn’t as cumbersome during use as our testers first feared it might be.

In addition to its mess-free convenience, there’s another advantage of the Remington Vacuum that we discovered by accident. One of our young haircut volunteers, who is tactilely sensitive, made a point to tell us how much he appreciated not having hair clippings land on his neck. After he experienced the Remington, he complained when we tried to switch clippers. Unfortunately, we did have to use a smaller clipper to go around his ears because the Remington was a little too bulky. That’s where the Braun Hair Clipper came in handy.

Aside from its challenges with detailing, the Remington Vacuum is easy to maneuver and glides through hair with no pulling or snagging. Lightweight yet sturdy, it delivers more power than the other cordless units we tested, and it comes with a 6-foot recharging cord that doubles as a power cable when the clipper’s lithium battery runs out. Recharging takes three to five hours and provides up to 60 minutes of cordless cutting time.

The Remington Vacuum’s battery lasted 12 minutes longer than expected – 72 minutes total – during standalone tests in our lab. When subjected to use during eight haircuts, it performed with sustained power on them all. None of the other cordless models in our lineup maintained as much oomph throughout their runtime.

If you’re looking for a better charging to cutting time ratio, however, the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper boasts up to 120 minutes of use in just one hour of charging. By contrast, the Remington does well when you consider that the battery of the Braun takes eight hours to reach a full charge and provides less than an hour of operation.

Our biggest concern about the Remington Vacuum is the quality of its construction. It doesn’t feel as solidly built as some of our other favorite clippers, and its cord isn’t heavy-duty. Also, if you aren’t careful when attaching the blade guard, you could chip the hair collection receptacle. When we bought the kits, it did ease our mind that the Remington Vacuum comes with a 60-day moneyback guarantee. It also has a two-year limited warranty.

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