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Best electric head shavers 2020: Including the top Skull Shavers for a smooth finish

Best electric head shavers 2020: Including the top Skull Shavers for a smooth finish
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Shaving your head is infinitely easier with the best electric head shavers, as these handheld devices are designed to remove your hair easily and quickly. Skull Shaver is one of the biggest electric head shaver brands you’re likely to come across, and its range of Pitbull head shavers is super-popular with men and women who enjoy a completely smooth bald head look. 

If you aren’t ready to shave off your hair completely but you want a very close shave, we’ve also included a few models in our best electric head shavers round-up that straddle the line between full-on head shavers and the best hair clippers. As we’ve learned during lockdown, making space in your bathroom cabinet for an electric head shaver means you don’t have to wait for a barber appointment. 

But which is the best electric head shaver for you? Do you want a device that's packed with the latest technology, or something that requires no more effort than switching it on and off? Would you rather have fixed, foil heads or flexible rotary heads? Does your ideal electric head shaver need to be cordless? Your choice will also depend on how much you're prepared to spend. 

While we’ve included quite a few cheap head shavers here, you're looking at up to $300 for the very best electric head shaver. As with the best electric razors, we’d recommend sticking with big-name brands that have developed tried and tested ways to remove unwanted hair while protecting your skin. Head shaver brands to look for include Braun, Remington, Pitbull, Panasonic, Skull Shaver, Wahl. 

8 best electric head shavers to buy now

1. Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO: Best electric head shaver overall

Best electric head shavers: Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO

(Image credit: Skull Shaver)

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO

The best Skull Shaver money can buy right now

Suitable for: People who want the best and are prepared to pay for it | Battery life: 90 minutes | Water resistance: IPX5 | Power: Corded / cordless

Smooth skull shaving action
You can use it in the shower 
Great battery life
Comes at a premium price

If there's one thing that's going to give you confidence when it comes to DIY grooming, it's an accessory that looks like it's come straight out of a posh salon. Shiny and robust, Skull Shaver’s flagship Pitbull Platinum PRO electric head shaver oozes sophistication, and backs up its premium aesthetic with a truly mouthwatering spec.  

Thanks to its multi-directional rotary shaving heads, precision hypo-allergenic Japanese stainless steel blades and ergonomic, easy-grip handle, the Pitbull Platinum PRO promises a fast, accurate and comfortable head shave.    

Its 1,400mAh lithium-ion battery is good for 90 minutes of cordless use, and to help you gauge how much time you have left, there's an LCD battery life indicator on the handle. That's likely to come in handy when you're making the most of the Platinum PRO's IPX5 water resistance by shaving your head in the shower. As the best electric head shavers go, this one really is a Platinum choice. 

2. Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper: Best electric head shaver for a bald head 

Best electric head shavers: Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper

(Image credit: Wahl)

Wahl 5-Star Balding Head Shaver Clipper

The best head shaver for a teeny amount of stubble

Suitable for: Bald men who want to look ready for action | Battery life: N/A | Water resistance: None | Power: Corded

Powerful motor
Ultra-fine teeth ensure an even cut
As used by hair stylists
No cordless option

Trying to rock your finest Dwayne Johnson look? Then you're going to want an electric head shaver that takes no prisoners (and leaves no stubble). As the name implies, Wahl's 5-Star Series Balding Clipper is not only one of the best electric head shavers for bald people, it's one of the top head shavers full stop.

Powered by a heavy-duty V5000 electromagnetic motor that cuts at twice the speed of pivot motors, this foil shaver features zero-overlap blades to ensure skin-tight fading. Meanwhile, the device's ultra-fine teeth enable the smoother feeding of short hair for an even cut all over. 

One thing we should say is that the 5-Star Series Balding Clipper isn't a cordless shaver, meaning you won't be able to stray too far from the plug socket when shaving your head. On the plus side, at least you'll never have to worry about running out of battery.   

3. Andis ProFoil: Best electric head shaver for small budgets

Best electric head shavers: Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Shaver

(Image credit: Andis)

Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Shaver

The ideal choice if you aren’t sold on a proper Skull Shaver

Suitable for: People with a smaller budget but who still want a reliable shaver | Battery life: 80 minutes | Water resistance: None | Power: Corded / cordless

Great value for money
Compact build 
Good for sensitive skin 
Not as many features as some shavers
Design looks a bit dated

If you're cynical about pricey electric head shavers, this budget charmer may just change your mind. Ok so the Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Shaver doesn't have the muscular aesthetic of rival models in our best electric head shavers guide, but don't let that fool you. A lot of professional hair stylists swear by this little device, and for good reason. 

The combination of staggered-head blades and a powerful rotary motor that generates 9,000 strokes per minute delivers an incredibly close shave. On top of that, the shaver's slim and lightweight form makes it a dream to move around your head (and takes up very little room in a travel bag, too). 

The head shaver's gold titanium hypo-allergenic foil minimizes skin irritation, and if you need to shave your head on the move, 80 minutes of battery life will keep you going for a few days. 

4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Finale: Best cordless electric head shaver

Best electric head shavers: Wahl Professional 5-Star Finale Finishing Tool

(Image credit: Wahl)

Wahl Professional 5-Star Finale Finishing Tool

The Finale is the best cordless head shaver, end of

Suitable for: Grooming without wires | Battery life: 90 minutes | Water resistance: None | Power: Corded / cordless

A close shave
Lightweight and compact
Foils aren’t the strongest
Bulky charging station 

If you prefer to be mobile while having your morning shave (and hey, why not – you'll burn a few extra calories, after all), it makes sense to invest in a shearer that's not too heavy to carry around, and won't run out of juice after every session. 

Another electric head shaver from Wahl's impressive 5-Star range, the Professional 5-Star Finale Finishing Tool is both lightweight and long-lasting, buzzing along for up to 90 minutes between each charge. Handily, it comes with its own charging dock for when you need to top it up.

Not only will it outlast many of its rivals, it delivers a closer shave than a lot of similarly priced electric head shavers. That’s thanks partly to a powerful rotary motor and Wahl's distinctive gold foils. Those foils are also designed to be kind to your skin, though we'd argue that they're not the strongest on the market. 

5. HeadBlade MOTO Head Razor: Best head shaver razor

Best electric head shavers: HeadBlade MOTO Head Razor

(Image credit: HeadBlade)

HeadBlade MOTO Skull Shaving Razor

A cheap alternative to the best electric head shavers

Suitable for: People who want a razor, not a shaver | Battery life: N/A | Water resistance: Yes | Power: N/A

Affordable compared to others
Agile enough to cover your whole head
Blades could be sharper
Feels a bit chunky in the hand

Electric head shavers don't float everyone's boat, and some prefer a more traditional approach to self-grooming. Luckily, there are loads of high-quality head shaver razors out there, and generally they're much cheaper than their electric counterparts. Our pick of the bunch is the HeadBlade MOTO Head Razor. 

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2017, the HeadBlade MOTO Head Razor is one of the most stylish head shaver razors out there, but it's more than just handsome. With a razor blade that pivots up and down to follow the contour of your scalp, a body that leans from side to side, and a dual-active suspension system, it guarantees a smooth and simple shave. What's more, it's often on sale, so you can usually buy it for a discounted price.

6. Braun Series 9 9370cc: Best electric head shaver for sensitive skin

Best electric head shavers: Braun Series 9 9370cc head shaver

(Image credit: Braun)

Braun Series 9 9370cc

Who said your sensitive skin isn't compatible with electric head shavers?

Suitable for: Those who crave a close shave that doesn't harm their skin | Battery life: 60 minutes | Water resistance: IPX8 | Power: Corded / cordless

Gentle but effective shaving action
Cuts as close as 0.05mm 
Quite heavy
Other quality shavers are cheaper  

Having to walk into a business meeting or a date with blotches all over your head is embarrassing. Thankfully, the kind people at Braun have stepped in to help people with sensitive skin. The company describes its Series 9 9370cc rotary shaver range as ‘exceptionally gentle’, and it's hard to argue with that. 

An impressive 10,000 sonic vibrations enable this electric head shaver to glide over your skin with ease, minimizing the risk of nicks and cuts. For added peace of mind, the Braun Series 9 9370cc is fitted with a Skin Guard.

The fact that it's gentle doesn't mean the Series 9 pussyfoots around, though. Braun reckons that it shaves more hair in one stroke than any other shaver, while 40,000 cutting actions buzz every hair as closely as 0.05mm. The Series 9 isn't cheap (the best head shavers rarely are), but you can use it on your facial hair too, making it far more versatile.

7. Remington HC4250 QuickCut: Best small electric head shaver

Best electric head shavers: Remington HC4250 QuickCut

(Image credit: Remington)

Remington HC4250 QuickCut

A small but powerful performance for a close head shave

Suitable for: Busy bees who want a quick and easy shear | Battery life: 40 minutes | Water resistance: IPX8 | Power: Corded / cordless

10-minute charging feature
Ergonomic design 
Good for reaching trickier areas
Battery life isn't as good as others

Speed and simplicity are the key features of this little device – one of many quality electric head shavers from the Remington stable. The company claims that the HC4250 QuickCut hair clipper provides the quickest self-cut of all Remington head shavers, thanks to its 57% greater blade coverage.

What makes it even more appealing to those who need a quick trim is the fact that the shaver features a speedy 10-minute charge feature. Otherwise, it takes four hours to charge the device fully, which gives you 40 minutes of run time.

Quick certainly doesn't mean shoddy, though, and the shaver's CurveCut blade technology is designed to give you a cleaner, more even cut. This is helped along by the QuickCut Hair Clippers' ergonomic design, which enables you to easily groom hard-to-reach areas, along with your neck and sideburns.    

Remington's little wonder doesn't boast the bells and whistles that some of the very best electric head shavers have, but if you're looking for a small grooming gadget that’s simple to use, look no further.

8. Wahl Colour Pro Cordless: Best electric head shaver for beginners

Best electric head shavers: Wahl Colour Pro Cordless

(Image credit: Wahl)

Wahl Color Pro Cordless Head Shaver

A simple electric head shaver if you’re not ready to go bald

Suitable for: If you don’t want to go totally bald | Battery life: 60 minutes | Water resistance: None | Power: Corded / cordless

Simple to use
Good battery life
Cuts and shaves
Not ideal for bald heads

The primary colors emblazoned on the front of this electric head shaver should give you a hint as to how simple it is to use. They correspond to the 10 colored comb attachments that come packaged with the device, making it easy to remember how short you like to have your hair. It's a brilliant idea that makes the Color Pro Cordless perfect for families – how we could've done with one during lockdown.

There really isn't anything else to get your head around. Wahl's shaver is a pretty basic device, but it does the basics very well. Precision ground blades and an ergonomic design enable you to perform a quick and easy trim, while up to 60 minutes of cordless use from a single charge means everyone can have a go before it conks out. You can even remove and rinse the blade after each person has finished.  

Cheapest prices on the best electric head shaver

Best electric head shaver FAQ

How to choose the best electric head shaver for you

You want to choose a head shaver that works well with your hair and skin type. If you’re considering a face or neck shaver instead of a head shaver, look for a device with personal settings because the head is more sensitive than the face. When you choose a head shaver, such as a model from the Skull Shaver line, sensitivity shouldn’t be such an issue.

If you want a foil shaver like the Wahl Bump Free Shaver, one way to address sensitivity is to choose wider cutters or foils that have a protective coating. If you prefer rotary shavers like the Hyperflex Verso 3, you can optimize performance by changing the shaving heads regularly and buying upgraded replacements. This is because blades wear more quickly and dull more quickly when you use them on hair versus whiskers.

While head shavers require an upfront investment, that’s not your only expense. “When you’re considering a shaver, it’s important to think about its overall life and cost,” said Ann Stormer with Remington. “It’s important to get the right product to get the best wear.”

When you consider that disposable manual razors can cost just a dollar apiece, paying for an electric shaver like the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum might seem outrageous. Keep in mind, however, that the comfort and convenience of electric head shavers can add value that outweighs their higher prices.

How to clean an electric head shaver

Replacing the blades on your electric head shaver is important and should be done according to the instructions that accompany the shaver. Some manufacturers suggest doing so every five months while others say you can wait a year or more. Aside from replacing the blades, there are other steps you should take to maintain your shaver and make sure it’s always primed and ready to use. 

First and most importantly, always clean the shaver after every time you use it. This means blowing out any extraneous hairs and running warm water through the blades. Leaving even small, fine hairs in the mechanism can cause it to work less efficiently over time.

Always keep your shaver dry when you're not using it too to avoid any bacteria buildup. Not only can moisture ruin the shaver – it can act like a greenhouse for nasty germs you don’t want anywhere near your head or face. If you're concerned that the cleanliness of your head shaver has been compromised, disassemble it as much as you can and use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean it. If you have a model that is not waterproof, stick to using a damp cloth. 

Be sure never to use oil on your skin while you shave as this can get inside the shaver and cause damage and wear. Instead we recommend using gels, water or dry shaving. You should also charge your electric head shaver to capacity, use it, and then charge it to capacity again before storing it.

Choosing the right head shaver can help you feel more confident in your bald hairstyle. Getting a fast, smooth shave without risk of bumps, nicks and cuts can give you a boost when you look in the mirror.

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