Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum review

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum is a high-end head shaver with a price tag to match. It has desirable features and accessories, including an attractive platinum chrome finish.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum review

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The Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum is the most expensive head shaver we tested and the top-of-the-line model in its series. It boasts features and accessories the Pitbull Silver and Pitbull Gold shavers lack, and we were impressed with its solid performance.


  • +

    Self-cleaning blades

  • +

    Good range of accessories


  • -

    No instructions online

  • -

    Expensive compared to similar models

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The Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum is the most expensive models we  have tested so far, but that's because it's the flagship device in its series. It boasts features and accessories other Pitbull shavers lack, and we were impressed with its solid performance. If its price tag were lower, this shaver would have ranked higher in our guide to the best electric head shavers.

The Pitbull Platinum features the same ergonomic design the other Pitbull shavers have, but its finish and blades are upgraded. Its five flexing shaver heads have rotary cutters that let you shave your head, face or neck in any direction. Depending on your preference and reach, you can grasp its top or grip the shaver between your fingers.

Although it’s not 100 percent waterproof like the Remington HyperFlex Verso 3, the Pitbull Platinum is water-resistant. Shaving in the shower is fine, as long as you don’t completely submerge the shaver. For wet shaves, you want to use shaving foam because gel can clog Skull Shaver blades. If using gel is your preference, you might want to try the Panasonic Arc4.

It isn’t difficult to clean the Pitbull Platinum, especially because it comes with a rinse stand and has self-cleaning blades. If you dip them in water often as you shave, they push out all shavings with ease.

A travel lock, wash indicator and battery life LED help you get the most out of your Pitbull Platinum shaver. It also comes with a cleaning brush, blade cover and travel case so you can keep it well-maintained and protected. It’s a good choice if international travel is on your agenda because it has worldwide voltage adaptation.

The Pitbull Platinum has a lithium-ion battery that requires two and a half hours to charge and provides 90 minutes of shaving time. Only the Philips Norelco has a better battery, with 120 minutes of use with just one hour on the charger.

Among the four Skull Shaver products we reviewed, the Platinum has the best warranty, with two years of consumer protection. Skull Shaver customer service is available by phone and email.

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