Pros / This is one of the most durable alarm clocks we tested.

Cons / It doesn’t have a USB port to charge your mobile devices.

 Verdict / The Sony ICFC1T is easy to use and has a dual alarm feature, which makes it a good clock for couples who wake up at different times.

The Sony ICFC1T is missing some of the newest innovations in alarm clock technology, such as Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging ports, but it is a durable workhorse alarm clock that wakes you up, even when the power is out – the backup batteries in most models we tested only save the time settings. An icon appears on the front panel to let you know when the backup battery dies, and you should replace it as soon as possible. If there is a power outage and the backup battery is dead, you will lose all of your alarm settings.

We tested each alarm clock’s durability by knocking it off a nightstand in our lab. The ICFC1T showed no signs of functional or obvious cosmetic damage after falling on carpet, hardwood and tile floors. Its matte black finish had slight scuffs, but they would be hard to notice if you weren’t looking for them.

The snooze button runs the entire length of the top panel, which makes it easy to find in the dark. We pressed the button more than 100 times with varying amounts of pressure, and it continued to function as it should.

This clock has a dual alarm function, so you can set separate alarms for you and your bedmate. If you prefer, you can set one or both alarms to play the radio instead of the typical buzzer sound. When set at maximum volume, the Sony ICFC1T’s buzzer is quieter than the radio is at the same setting; when we measured using a decibel meter placed 2 feet from the clock, the radio alarm played at 64.1 dB, and the progressive buzzer maxed out at 60.4 dB, though both are plenty loud.

It also has a progressive snooze function. This means that the first snooze period is 10 minutes, and it increases in 10 minute increments every time you hit it, though it maxes out at 60 minutes. It quickly displays the length of the snooze on the front panel when you hit the button, but you should keep this in mind when you consider snoozing your alarm more than a couple times.

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  • Maximum Volume
  1. This is the loudest tone the clock can create measured at 2 feet away.
    Louder is Better.
  2. 5  Sony ICFC1T
    64.1 dB
  3. 85.6 dB
  4. 73.4 dB
  5. 86.5 dB
  6. Category Average
    70.85 dB


The Sony ICFC1T is a durable alarm clock with most of the important features we looked for, including dual alarms, automatic daylight savings updates and a power failure alarm backup. If you don’t need Bluetooth connectivity or a USB charging port, this is the best alarm clock between $20 and $30.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Alarm Options

Dual Alarms
Progressive Alarm
Radio Alarm
Bluetooth Alarm
Sunrise Simulation

Help & Support

1 Year
Live Chat

Convenience Features

Adjustable Snooze Time
Bluetooth Compatible
Auxiliary Input (3.5mm)
Sleep Timer


Battery Backup
Lithium Button Cell
Power Failure Alarm
USB Charger


Maximum Volume (decibels)
Daylight Savings Time
Brightness Control
Automatic Sync Time
Weekday or Weekend Mode