EyeMed review

EyeMed is one of the biggies for vision insurance, providing real choice, albeit with high premiums.

EyeMed review
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EyeMed vision insurance is a strong all-round offering from the company that underwrites the majority of other insurance packages, sold direct for added value.


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    One of the big two networks

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    Real choice in its range


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    High premiums

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EyeMed is responsible for the larger, and more commercial side of the big two eye care networks, which is why it features highly in our guide to the best vision insurance companies. It’s based in Cincinnati, Ohio and owned by Luxottica, the global eyewear giant, responsible for a quarter of the globe’s glasses business. This gives it direct links to the high-street chain LensCrafters, which also has a very capable online eye care business.  

Target Optical is also now a wholly Luxottica company, and also covered in the EyeMed network. As you’d expect for a specialist in the field, its offering is well priced, well developed and gives you tiered choices based on your eye care needs. Around half of other companies’ policies are provided by EyeMed, which takes credit for 55 million policies across the states.

EyeMed’s direct insurance sales provides you with three tiers of benefits. Eye Healthy is the basic package and costs just $5 per month in premiums. It gives you a discount on frames, a simple allowance on lenses and free eye exams. 

The higher tiers are more generous and give you up to a hefty $200 allowance on frames, nearly enough to afford the designer pair you’ve been ogling. The premiums obviously rise to match your cover, costing $17 for Eye Bold and $30 of Eye Bright.

The network is extensive and convenient, but might miss out the smaller, independent doctors if that’s what you’re used to. There are additional discounts for eye care items not included in your package, even LASIK surgery for a 15 percent off price. It’s a strong all-round offering from the company that underwrites the majority of other insurance packages, sold direct for added value.

EyeMed review: in network

  • Represents more than 44,000 in-network vision care access-points
  • Has over 50 million US clients

EyeMed’s biggest selling point is that it’s responsible for the EyeMed network that underpins so many other companies’ optical insurance policies. It represents more than 44,000 in-network vision care access-points, and is particularly strong in the chain-retail market. 

You’ll be joining over 50 million other Americans who are EyeMed members, and getting all the benefits of belonging to such a strong group.

EyeMed review

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EyeMed review: packages

  • 3 tiered levels of cover
  • You can apply individually or as a family

EyeMed has tiered its packages into three very separate and distinct levels of cover. You can apply individually or as a family, although there doesn’t seem to be any sort of incentive for group membership, over and above the convenience of paying together. 

The basic package is designed for those without regular eye care expenses, who are looking for discounts should they encounter the need. It’s called Eye Healthy. You’ll get an annual eye exam, an allowance for prescription lenses and a discount of 35 percent. Not overly generous but your monthly premium is just $5 per person per month. 

The mid-tier cover called Eye Bold is a lot more forgiving, offering low copays on exams and lenses, $130 annual frames and contact lenses allowance. 

The top-level cover, Eye Bright, ups your allowances to $200. The higher tiers cost $17.50 and $30 per month respectively, stiff up-front premiums for sure, but the benefits are similarly large.

EyeMed review: added value

  • All tiers come with a raft of additional discounts
  • Parent company owns Lenscrafters, Sears Optical, Target Optical, Glasses.com

In addition to your network purchases, you’ll be reimbursed at a lower level if you spend your allowance out-of-network. All tiers come with a raft of additional discounts available, such as 40 percent off additional pairs of prescription glasses, 30 percent off eye care products that aren’t included in your plan, and 15 percent off the costs of laser eye surgery, should the need arise. 

EyeMed’s parent company owns Lenscrafters, Sears Optical, Target Optical, Glasses.com and a host of other large chain optometrists and they are all included among your network providers.

EyeMed review: verdict

EyeMed is a specialist in eye care insurance, and is responsible for one of the largest doctor networks in vision care. It’s backed by the world’s largest eyewear company, which uses its many wholly-owned chains to bolster the EyeMed name and network. 

The policies are well thought out, and begin at very affordable premiums. Higher tiers are pricey, but you get considerable cover for your money. Allowances are super-generous and a host of additional discounts are available for when you’ve spent your allowance. 

There’s a discount on LASIK should you ever need it through EyeMed’s surgery partners. A very comprehensive offering with a wide choice of payment options and benefits.

EyeMed review: alternatives

If you aren't sure whether EyeMed is the right choice for you, also take a look at our Ameritas Vision review or Anthem Blue View Vision, as well as Direct Vision Insurance, and Humana Vision for budget plans.

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