Ameritas Vision review

With Ameritas Vision you get low premiums, a good range of options and trusted networks.

Ameritas Vision review
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Ameritas’ offering comes with a reliable pedigree, known networks, a low premium and a simple range of choices.


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    Large general insurer

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    Low premiums

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    Buy together with dental


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    Not a vision specialist

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    Ugly website

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Ameritas is a giant financial institution offering coverage to millions of Americans, and is one of the best vision insurance companies. It’s based in Nebraska, and has been trading successfully since the nineteenth century. Its vision policies are offered alongside dental and hearing policies, so if you think you’d benefit from a package, compare these prices with those of your existing insurer. 

There are discounts to be had if you’re in the market to switch suppliers, as there so often are. The premiums are low, and there are only two selections to make, individual or group membership and your choice of optical doctor network. 

The cheaper plan covers EyeMed’s network which comes in at just over $10. The pricier plan is still only $16 dollars and gives you access to VSP’s extensive network of independent doctors. Both give you annual access to an eye exam and a $130 allowance on frames. A straightforward policy that gives you the network of your choice at a reasonable premium.

An EyeMed policy is the slightly broader, and gives you more access to the large chains and concessions housed in superstores and department stores. LensCrafters, Target and Sears all fall within the EyeMed network. 

VSP policies are slightly pricier and give you access to a small network, but of predominantly small chains and independent doctors, which might include your current doctor, or might fit in better with your lifestyle or outlook. Your location will play a part too, so check the links on the Ameritas site, which also covers health insurance, to make sure you’re covered.

Ameritas Vision review: known networks

  • A general insurer and financial services company
  • Vision insurance is covered by EyeMed or VSP

Ameritas is a venerable firm – it opened its doors in 1887 in Lincoln, Nebraska as The Old Line Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska, which is a grand old name but you’d struggle to fit it onto your business card. It’s a general insurer and financial services company, offering life insurance, disability, health cover and annuities. 

The vision insurance is covered by your choice of network, EyeMed for greater chain access, and VSP for better independent doctors. The networks are as familiar and established as the company itself, and the promise of stability is a comfort in turbulent and changeable times.

Ameritas Vision review: plan options

  • Relatively simple policy options
  • Save money by including dental cover

If you’re just in the market for vision insurance, Ameritas offers a relatively simple one. EyeMed or VSP for either you, you and your spouse or you and your family. 

Arranging your insurance and finances so you’re buying from fewer providers is not only time and effort saving, if you shop smart and look for discounts you could be saving money too. 

The simplest package to include with your vision insurance is your dental cover. Hearing cover is available too, but appears to only be included in workplace insurance programs.

Ameritas Vision review: costs

  • Vision policies are inexpensive
  • VSP plan allows you to refresh glasses or contacts annually

The vision policies are inexpensive and couldn’t be any simpler. For an individual there’s just the choice between networks, EyeMed or VSP.  EyeMed, as is usual, is a little cheaper, and comes in at just over $10 a month, one of the cheaper premiums out there. 

A little more expensive, the VSP coverage is quoted at $16.34. For this price you’re 100 percent covered for your annual eye exam and have an allowance for frames or contacts. The VSP policy is a little more generous, offering $150 allowance for your eye wear, the EyeMed plan only $130. 

The other big differentiator is that the VSP plan allows you to refresh your glasses or contacts annually, the EyeMed cover only kicks in once every two years. As well as deciding on network coverage and coverage type, your vision needs are going to inform your decision.

Ameritas Vision review: verdict

Ameritas has over a hundred years of experience looking after peoples' health and money under its belt. It offers two plans that deliver different levels of service. A basic EyeMed plan that gives you access to an allowance for new glasses and contacts every two years, and a slightly more generous VSP plan that has higher allowances and new glasses every year. 

The type and location of the network’s member outlets should also factor into your choice. These plans, and particularly the lack of tiered options, feel a little bare-bones, but the simplicity and clarity are impressive in an arena known for its complications. 

There are easy options to add your vision plan onto an existing or new dental plan, which could be a way of consolidating your providers and saving a slice of money in the process. Ameritas’ offering comes with a reliable pedigree, known networks, a low premium and a simple range of choices.

Ameritas Vision review: alternatives

Ameritas Vision is a great choice for vision insurance, but before you make your final decision you may want to check out some other options. We'd recommend reading our reviews of VSP Direct and EyeMed, as well as Direct Vision Insurance and Humana Vision for access to cheaper plans.

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