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Farmers Auto Insurance review

Farmers has one of the most affordable insurance offerings around

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One of the best value auto insurance options out there, to help save you money while staying covered in your car. With policies available for under $100 this is the one to beat for affordability.


  • +

    Super affordable

  • +

    Useful app

  • +

    Accident forgiveness


  • -

    No smart driving program

  • -

    Rental reimbursement not always included

  • -

    Pricing varies by location

Farmers Auto Insurance: What you need to know

Farmers Auto Insurance offers some of the best auto insurance rates out there, meaning you can get insurance for your vehicle without spending too much, saving you money for all the other expenses involved in running a car.

Farmers Auto Insurance, in the case of very basic insurance, came up with quotes as low as under the $100 mark. But it also caters for more comprehensive cover, while still undercutting the competition on price. Granted, this is affected by location and other factors including the car value, your driving history, credit history and so on.

While the insurer offers lots of features, one of our favourites is accident forgiveness. This allows you to have an accident and claim without it affecting your overall policy. Just don't do it too often as this works once for every three years of clean driving.

The mobile app is a handy offering that makes claiming an easy process. The addition of accident forgiveness is another nice feature which means you get let off for one accident for every three years that you drive without one.

While Farmers Auto Insurance does offer some of the best prices around, we noted that rental reimbursement wasn't included on some of the more affordable policies, so that's worth looking out for if that's important to you.

How much does Farmers Auto Insurance cost?

  • Low-cost car coverage: $200
  • High-cost car coverage: $290
  • 20/65/20 coverage: $95
Farmers Auto Insurance specs

Car replacement service: If totalled in the first two years and 24,000 miles of ownership, you're given a new car

Accident forgiveness: One in every three years

Loss of use: When your car is in the shop you're reimbursed

Customized equipment coverage: Extends cover for high-end stereos, chrome rims, etc

There are lots of policy options available and each is tailored to suit the particular customer. This is based not only on the type of cover, the car and the area but also on the rating of the individual seeking coverage. 

The following quotes are for the industry recommended 100/300/100 cover. They will vary depending on your location, age, driving history and credit history.

The average premium rate for a low cost car is around the $500 mark but Farmers quotes nearer to $200.

For more expensive cars the average premium sits at around $700 but Farmers undercuts here too with a rate as low as $290.

When we say low and high cost we don't just mean dollar value as other factors play in here such as the model type, age, alarm system, safety features and so on. But typically we're looking at around above and below the $30,000 mark.

For a two-car policy the average is going to be around $700 but once again Farmers undercuts with a price closer to $380.

For teenagers, where the rates will jump by as much as 80%, the average rate is about $1,400 but Farmers quotes as low as $470.

The state minimum policy level varies but is usually around 20/65/20. Using this we got us a quote from Farmers for just $95. This lower level policy won't cover things like rental reimbursement.

Farmers Auto Insurance: Car replacement and accident forgiveness

  • Accident forgiveness policy
  • New-car replacement policy

While the stand out features for Farmers Auto Insurance has to be its low prices, there are other extras that make this an attractive option too. 

Accident forgiveness is a favorite of ours as it offers you continued low rate cover even after you've been in an accident. Make sure you only have one accident per three years of use and your cover won't change. 

The new car replacement policy is also a great feature as it means you're going to get a brand new model if you total your current car.

This applies to cars that you've owned for under two years and have less than 24,000 miles on the clock. If that's you, then Farmers will pay to replace the car with a brand-new one.

Farmers Auto Insurance

(Image credit: Farmers Auto Insurance)

Farmers Auto Insurance: Customization and loss of use cover

  • Car customization is covered
  • Reimbursement for rental, taxi and transport costs

If you're a fan of customization then you're covered for less with Farmers Auto Insurance. This offers coverage for things like high-end stereos and chrome rims, for example.

The prices here will vary depending on what you need. So if you have a $250 stereo then you're not going to pay as much as someone with a $2,500 sound system installed in their car. 

Fitted alarms and immobilizers can also help to offset charges here meaning they often are worth spending more on if you don't have a decent on already, say in a classic car.

When getting work done you can sometimes lose out by paying insurance you don't need while the car sits idle in the shop. Farmers knows this and so it offer a loss of use feature which reimburses you for rental, cabs and public transit costs. These costs can add up so it's a nice peace of mind feature that takes the edge off the hassle of travelling to and from the shop.

Farmers Auto Insurance

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Farmers Auto Insurance: Parts quality

If you do suffer a bad accident then your cover will mean you get original equipment manufacturer parts, rather than cheaper aftermarket units as some insurers will offer. 

You will need to have collision and comprehensive cover for this and your car has to be within 10 years old.

Farmers Auto Insurance: Rideshare insurance

  • Good ridesharing coverage
  • For drivers who are only limited-liability covered by companies

Another feature, which is a bit more specific, is for rideshare insurance. This is aimed at drivers that work for modern taxi services that are run via apps.

This is for drivers who are only limited-liability covered by companies like Uber or Lyft, while the app is on full cover only kicks in when a ride is accepted or a passenger is in. Farmers Auto Insurance will cover you in-between those times too.

Farmers Auto Insurance: Mobile app

  • File claims directly on the app
  • Get billing alerts on the app

The Farmers Mobile app is a great way to access you policy from your iOS or Android device. It'll even link into your fingerprint reader for quick unlocking without the need to remember a password. This app does work for the wider Farmer Insurance in general, including home cover, but is great for auto cover too.

The app allows you to view your policy at a glance or in detail so you know exactly how your cover works. You can then contact your agent if you need, via a call, email or by getting directions to your agent's office.

Should you have an accident, you can file a claim right there in the app, making the process far faster and much more hassle-free.

If you want billing alerts you can get these too using push notifications, so they pop up right there on your home screen.

Farmers Auto Insurance: What the users say

(Image credit: JD Power)

Since this service is one that covers a wide variety of users it's worth looking at what lots of people have to say about the cover.

According to the latest J.D. Power study, the overall customer satisfaction score for Farmers Auto Insurance was an impressive four out of five with the repair process, claims services and settlement sections all also getting a four out of five rating. The lowest score, at two, was for rental experience where claimants were clearly less impressed with the experience.

ConsumerAffairs found that positive reviewers appreciate the customer service and levels of coverage with reliability highly rated. Negatives focused on some customers being charged fees on top of premiums and the chance that rates can increase year over year.

Farmers Auto Insurance: Verdict

Farmers Auto Insurance is one of the most affordable options on the market when it comes to undercutting the competition. If you want the absolute minimum of cover then you can expect to pay very little.

Should you go for a more comprehensive policy then you can still expect to make a saving while enjoying lots of features like a smartphone app, accident forgiveness, new car policy, OEM parts guarantee, customization cover and out of pocket expense cover.

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