Free telemedicine services are coming to Boost Mobile Unlimited users

Free telemedicine services are coming to Boost Mobile Unlimited users
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Boost Mobile has announced a new subscriber perk that's pretty different from the usual bevy of options out there - access to 24/7 telemedicine services via K Health. It's a significant departure from more traditional subscriber benefits for cell phone users, like access to streaming services or free cloud storage, but it's one that could just swing it for anyone looking to switch cell phone networks. It might even be enough to get Boost Mobile onto our best cell phone providers list in future.

The subscriber perk is exclusively available via Boost Mobile's $60 per month Unlimited Plus cellphone plan. The plan offers 35GB of 4G LTE data per month before you're throttled to 2G speeds, and also comes with unlimited talk and text options. There's a 30GB mobile hotspot facility too. Now, it also bundles in access to K Health's usual $9 per month offering for free. That provides users with the ability to text chat or video call a doctor for advice with the K Health app using AI to make relevant suggestions and to help identify symptoms and potential ailments. All of that can lead to actual treatment including medications and other prescriptions. 

Any Boost Mobile customers who don't subscribe to the Boost Unlimited Plus package can still partake in the K Health plan for a discounted price of $7.99 per month. That's only $1 less than the usual price but it all adds up and may well tempt some users into giving it a try. All the sign up details are available on the Boost Mobile website. It's worth noting that this provider doesn't require the need to commit to a contract, plus has a strong focus on unlimited plans. Bear in mind though there's no international roaming options available, and your choice of the best smartphones is rather limited unless you choose to buy your own handset separately. 

It may seem like a surprising move for any cell carrier to get involved in healthcare but it's a logical one here. As The Verge reported last month, Boost has a large percentage of low-income customers who are likely to be feeling the affect of the pandemic and could potentially do with better access to healthcare even if it happens to be through relatively original circumstances.

Last year, Boost Mobile was absorbed by Dish Network as part of T-Mobile's merger with Sprint so it'll be interesting to see if there are any other more sweeping changes in the works for the virtual network operator. 

If you need more advice on telemedicine, or health in general, we also have a guide to the best health insurance companies in 2021.

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