Google ends support for Android 2.3.7 and earlier

Google ends support for Android 2.3.7 and earlier
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A forum post from Google has revealed that the oldest of Android devices will no longer be able to sign into Google apps as of September 27. 

The post from community manager, Zak Pollack, explains that it's part of Google's 'ongoing efforts to keep our users safe'. That means that owners of Android devices that run Android 2.3.7 or lower will no longer be able to access Google products and services such as Gmail, YouTube, and Maps. However, they will be able to access those services through the built-in web browser if need be.

The point, however, is that these phones are simply just too old to continue to support. If, somehow, you're still using one of these ageing devices, this is the time to check out our look at the best smartphones and pick out a new device. Depending on how far behind you are technologically, it might also be the right time to check out the best cell phone providers to find the right one for your needs, such as going for one with strong 5G signal or extensive reliability. T-Mobile has recently launched a new $25 unlimited plan which includes a free 5G phone so this could be the ideal starting point for those users needing an upgrade. 

The change by Google shouldn't affect many people, though, as the likes of Android 3 and Android 4 debuted back in 2011 so we're talking phones that are even older than this and that somehow don't support a new version of Android. Those devices are missing out on more than 10 years worth of features and innovations and believe us, Android is very different to what it was back then. It's also far more secure with a vast number of security patches and updates out there. 

What may make a slight difference to some users is that Google Play services support for Android 4.1 is ending next month but again, you'll need to have a very old phone for this to be a problem. 

As always, this is a reminder that modern technology won't last forever (but it will last a while) and that you should always keep your phone up to date with the latest software updates, no matter which smartphone platform you use. 

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