Brookstone MAX 2 Node Percussion Massager review

The Brookstone Max 2 Node Percussion Massager is a high-end body massager capable of delivering deep relief.

Brookstone MAX 2 Node Percussion Massager review
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The Brookstone MAX 2 Node Percussion Massager is a high-end device that provides noticeable relief and ease for muscle soreness and tension. It's larger than most handheld massagers, so look elsewhere if you want a lightweight device, but it's effective when used for regular at-home massage therapy.


  • +

    Eases muscle soreness

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    Plenty of massage options

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    Simple to use


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    Larger than most

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The Brookstone Max 2 Node Percussion Massager delivers a powerful massage, with two pulsing acupressure nodes delivering targeted relief if you're currently dealing with muscle soreness and tension. Brookstone's massager offers multiple speed settings, depending on what level of intensity you require, but it doesn't come with any accessories. If you want a device with interchangeable heads, take a look at our guide to the best handheld massagers.

Massage can be hugely beneficial to our wellbeing, and a sure-fire way to help us relax and let go of any tension or stiffness at the end of a long day, but what feels good, in terms of type of massage and pressure, is different for each of us. Let's now take a look at the Brookstone body massager, and see how it compares to the top body massagers. Don't forget to check out our guides to the best back massagers and the best foot massagers if you need more specific attention in those areas.

Brookstone MAX 2 Node Percussion Massager: design

The Brookstone Max 2 Node Percussion Massager comes with two individual massaging nodes on the large head. These nodes focus the pulsating power of the percussion massager, enabling you to attend to specific areas on the body where you need deep relief from soreness and tension. 

One important thing to note is how you aren't able to change the head or swap out the nodes - what you get is what you see. However, those nodes move at varying speeds, depending the setting you select. The body massager's performance can be adjusted via controls on the handle.

The Brookstone Max 2 Node Percussion Massager features five individual speed settings that reach up to 2,500 pulses per minute. The lowest settings delivers a very relaxing and soothing massage, while higher speeds focus on specific muscle groups. Both relieve tension, but the higher settings achieve a much deeper level of muscle penetration. 

The lowest speed setting produces 1,100 pulses per minute. This cuts the highest speed in half, so you can approach tender muscle groups more gently. The highest speeds address tighter muscles groups, and works to increase blood flow there.

Brookstone MAX 2 Node Percussion Massager review: the handheld massager shown from the front

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Brookstone MAX 2 Node Percussion Massager: performance

Brookstone's body massager features a customizable level of powerful percussive action. It comes with two separate handles, including one shaped into a loop. When you use this handle, the handheld massager drapes easily over your shoulder. This lets you reach lower on your back without dropping the device. 

The other handle fits on the unit's head. When you are working with a partner, this second handle guides the head of the device across the back, adding pressure as needed. During solo use, this handle gives added control over leg and neck massages. 

There's no heat therapy here either, so if you would prefer a body massager that offers heat as well as percussion, read our review of the HoMedics Percussion Pro With Heat Massager.

In addition to five speed settings, the Brookstone Max 2 Node Percussion Massager  includes three programmed massage styles. Choose from soothing, energizing and pulsating. Each delivers a unique massage experience, and switching between them is simple and fast. These settings add a degree of versatility, but the real value comes from the five standard speeds.

Should I buy the Brookstone MAX 2 Node Percussion Massager?

As a body massager, the Brookstone MAX 2 Node Body Massager delivers powerful pulsating actions. The 9-foot cord gives extra room to maneuver, and the aluminum body withstands everyday use. Even with these features, the massager lacks both heat and accessories. Limited to neck, shoulders and back, this massager doesn't come with the delicate touch settings needed for more sensitive areas.

The Brookstone delivers powerful speeds. It comes with an extra handle and long cord, but it lacks heat. Without the ability to change heads, this massager is most effective at back and shoulder massages. If you'd prefer a handheld massager that can be used in a greater variety of areas, read our review of the Therabody Theragun Mini.

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