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Pros / Alert1 provides a self-testing unit, which runs checks to ensure everything will work properly during an emergency.

Cons / This company has limited ways of contacting customer service.

 Verdict / Alert1 provides good service to customers and supports 190 languages.

Alert1 provides fall detection medical alert systems for those who are prone to falls and could not push the alert button in the event of an emergency. The basic fall detection system is ideal for use within the home and includes a base station, with a microphone and speaker, and a wearable neck pendant. This service support 190 languages and gives you the option of requesting a self-testing unit, where the base station will periodically run checks to ensure everything is working properly.

The base station connects with the Alert1 monitoring center through your landline and alerts the monitoring center, who in turn alerts your contacts or 911, in the event of an emergency. The fall alert pendant is waterproof and designed to be worn 24 hours per day. In our tests, this fall detection pendant realized around 75 percent of falls, which was a little above average.

The pendant alerts help in the event of a fall if you are within range of your base station. The Alert1 pendant has a listed range of 400 feet. In our range tests, the pendant communicated with the base unit at 640 feet without interference and at 225 feet in our indoor tests, which are similar to the setup of a home. The base station battery backup lasts for 28 hours, which is above average and sufficient to continuously provide coverage during most power outages.

Alert1 offers annual, quarterly and monthly payment plans for its services. The lengthier your subscription, the less your monthly payments are. However, Alert1 is one of the few services on our lineup that charges activation and equipment delivery fees.

You can reach Alert1's customer service over the phone. In our tests, Alert1 received a 70 percent. While service representatives were helpful, they frequently tried to upsell products and add-ons instead of simply answering our reviewers' questions.

If you want to add more to your fall detection system, you can pay to add premium features, including a lockbox, a wall-mounted button, and fire and smoke monitoring. These features help you customize your fall detection system by adding the services that best fit your lifestyle and needs.


The Alert1 fall sensor can protect the elderly and others prone to falling when no one is around. You can use the pendant when you fall down and in other emergencies, which can give your family peace of mind that you can live and function on your own well into your golden years.

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CO Monitoring
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Monitoring Services

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